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Finance Clerk

Available for exploratory interviews.
Ref: EP13120068

Company classification: Holding Company Industry in: Wholesale | Retail Wholesale | Retail - Including general hardware | tools National Diploma Years of experience range: d. 6 to 10 years (a. Less than 1 year management) Annual package range: South African Rand - ZAR Annual package range: 151 000 - 250 000, per annum Nationality: South African Home and other languages: Afrikaans, English Gender: Male Ethnicity: Coloured Candidate location: South Africa Location preference: I am open to positions nationally (in my country).

Online Interview Questionnaire

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

Maintaining accurate financial records of financial transactions. Ensuring that all relates financial documentation are captured accurately and meticulously on an accounting programme.

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Time management

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I believe that I can be an asset to any entity if given an opportunity.

Ideal business title:


Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

Managing accounting records

Career summary:

Finance - 7 years

What do you absolutely love doing:

I enjoy doing my job in a well-structured and open work environment.

Ideal company (culture and values):

I would prefer a big and well known company. Values should include ethical, loyal, trustworthy and honest. Not being bias as well.

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