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Why Enshrine

bulbWhy Enshrine Placements

Choosing Enshrine Placements as your recruitment service provider means that we work in close concert with you, managing your recruitment needs efficiently through strategising and forecasting, and effectively becoming a part of your business.

We Engineer Placements for job seekers…
Engineers, certified engineers, technologists and technicians, all disciplines in South Africa, Africa and Internationally.

Innovate and Originate

We are an organisation founded on creative entrepreneurship and as such we are always open to change.

At Enshrine we understand the intimate role service and direct contact play in the placement journey, and that the key to success for all parties involved lies in creating systems that hold the potential to reach the widest audiences possible, while still retaining a ‘personal’ touch

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Enshrine has a finger firmly on the pulse of trends in recruitment coupled with advancements in information technology and social and business networking.

We are constantly at work refining our systems and processes to leverage opportunities, address challenges and to find the most effective and affordable solutions that boost rather than compromise quality. To keep our administration expenses at a minimum and offer you service at a rate that is extremely competitive relative to market norms, we have moved into a predominantly virtual environment.

Face-to-face meetings and interviews at a physical location are on a need basis only. We utilise online interviews to do initial assessments of candidates – saving them time and energy.


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These preliminary interviews are presented electronically to you as user friendly Value Propositions which streamline the initial selection process. Telephonic, Skype or face-to-face interviews are engaged only once interest in a candidate’s value offer has been expressed.

Our model incorporates the best of hands on headhunting and conventional recruitment, and the best that modern technology can offer in terms of back-office administration.

We have the capacity to accommodate Virtual Consultants working remotely from any location in the world and plan to roll our model out into Africa and thereafter, globally.

Our platform is capable of handling volumes which is in keeping with our vision to furnish large projects with multiple skills.

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Our targeted open position marketing service transcends run of the mill response handling, processing of candidates and facilitating the recruitment procedure.
It is more inclusive of the full spectrum of factors involved in positioning the right skills in the right place at the right time.

When Enshrine launches an Online Media Marketing Campaign on your behalf, we are effectively marketing your company. Your competitors and clients, as well as prospective future employees, see your growing visibility.

Above and beyond making effective answer to your recruitment needs, we aspire to provide service that will simultaneously build your business and add value to your brand

Collaborate and Co-create

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High costs in recruitment are in large part attributable to competition between service providers and duplication of effort.

To address this in a targeted manner we have a continuously growing local and international network of consultants with whom we collaborate

Projects in Africa – recruitment collaboration partners will be identified in different African countries; trained to work under Enshrines Umbrella and manage the recruitment on site. ( resource, selection, interview).


[av_iconlist_item title=’Enshrine Placements is a member of Enex Executive Search’ link=” linktarget=” icon=’ue879′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-ip94m’]

As a member of ENEX, which has been operational since its inception in 1980, is a long-standing collaborative partnership of quality Executive Search Companies throughout Europe, recently formalised into a cohesive corporate structure and always expanding to becoming an increasingly global force.

The Partnership provides full representation throughout the main countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, Southern and Central America and Asia.

The network has representation in over 33 countries through more than 25 offices.

Enshrine is able to offer our clients and candidates access to an international network in the field of Executive Search, Recruitment and Human Resource Consulting.



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