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Partner with a profiling supplier with credibility and integrity, who is as invested in your success as you are.

Have you considered a profiling tool that gives you a leading edge? One that adds value and grows your business while maximising your client’s team contribution?

If you are a coach, business or training consultant, or are passionate about people development and aspire to start your own coaching practice, then we invite you to join our webinar. During this session, you’ll discover how you can leverage your expertise by building a scalable, product-based consultancy practice in 12 months or less. You can do this by being a part of our Contribution Compass Partner Community.

Topic: How to build a scalable, product-based consultancy practice in 12 months or less.
Date: 24 Aug 2023
Time: 11h00

Calendly Link: https://calendly.com/contributioncompass1/contribution_compass_webinar/2023-08-24T11:00:00+02:00?month=2023-08&date=2023-08-24


  • What is natural energy and what makes Contribution Compass profiles unique
  • The Contribution Compass platform tools that will help you attract new clients, retain them for longer and increase your profit
  • How we can support you to become a partner
  • Step-by-step guidance to becoming a partner
  • A complimentary profile and debrief to experience Contribution Compass

Personal Biography:
Caryn is the Manager of Contribution Compass. As a Cultivator profiler, she is refiner and kaizen enthusiast. She has worked with a variety of brands, projects and people. She prides herself on her ability to lead projects to achieve long-term, sustainable growth . Her marketing degree and project management experience, merged with her caring, fun and ethical nature helps her to maximise her contribution .

Enshrine Placements are accredited partners of Contribution Compass and have incorporated the Contribution Compass Natural Energy Personal Profiling Tool into our recruitment process. 

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