Hi Deedre

Pleased to meet you. I have been contacted and have had many interactions with recruiters, but normally the interaction was brief and very impersonal. Like, OK, if I can put you in this job, I can tick that box….another step closer to reaching my target. I am happy to see (and hear) that your aim is to change that relationship – more power to you.

15 August 2019

Good morning Deedré,

I am glad to have you as my recruitment agent. Thank you for letting me in on who you are especially on a personal level, I really appreciate it. I hope we will have a positive work relationship going forward. Thank you


15 August 2019

Good day Deedre,

After reading about you, I did a little bit more research on both yourself as well as the company and I would like to let you know that it feels comforting to be associated with you. I feel a change coming. I appreciate.

Thank you

13 August 2019