Good morning Caryn,

Thank you for these tips for interviewing. I have found them to be very useful, these do make a lot of sense.

I believe that these tips will come in really handy for the interviews to come.

Thanks again and have a great day

Kind regards

22 February 2022

Good day Monique,

I hope this email finds you well.

Firstly, let me extend my appreciation of your communication and feedback. The regular communication and updates are indeed highly appreciated.

As requested, I have attached copies of my qualification and matric certificate,

I look forward to your response


23 February 2022

Hi Michelle

You’ve always given me your utmost best and I need to thank you for it yet again.

I’m not sure if I completed it 100% but I have definitely not applied through anybody else.

I’ve actually asked for your advise and assistance in terms of the positions available as I would like being considered for all of those I qualify or almost qualify for

Your assistance will really be appreciated

Kind Regards


24 February 2022