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Enshrine launches Enshrine Virtual Resources (EVR)

Enshrine launches Enshrine Virtual Resources

We are pleased to announce the launch of Enshrine Virtual Resources, a sister company of Enshrine Placements.

Enshrine launches Enshrine Virtual ResourcesWhile Enshrine Placements will continue to meet its clients’ payroll-position requirements by finding outstanding candidates, Enshrine Virtual Resources will take on the knowledge work that companies would rather outsource than appoint permanent staff for.

To do the work, Enshrine Virtual Resources will deploy ‘virtual resources’ – a select number of self-employed people, from a variety of disciplines, who choose to work on contract assignments. It is important to note that the term ‘virtual’ refers to their non-payroll status: While some resources may well choose to only be available for assignments that allow them to work remotely (from home), most would work in-office, on-site or remotely – whichever is appropriate – once the pandemic has passed.

The new company will also provide ‘SuperSubs’, who will be over-qualified to fill temporary gaps in a client’s HR complement. They may also become mentors and coaches to younger employees of the client, who have the qualifications and potential, but lack the experience to be fully competent in their roles.

EVR is in the process of building a pool of prospective resources, from which we will select our roster of EVR resources, who would be ready to deploy to meet our clients’ needs. To be fair to our selected resources, to utilise them to the level that they expect, we will grow the roster at the pace to match the growing requirements from our clients, using projections based on proven demand and solid market intelligence. Enshrine launches Enshrine Virtual Resources

Apply to become an EVR prospective resource here.

Those in the pool of prospective resources should know that we will be striving to rapidly grow the demand so that we can select many more of them for assignments. Meanwhile, however, they should feel free to exploit any other opportunity that comes their way, including that permanent placement that they had been hoping for.

We especially welcome mature, self-assured people, some of whom may already be self-employed, but also younger people who feel confident and are competent, to provide a specialised service in a particular discipline – on contract. Being self-employed must be a conscious choice and it is not for everyone – it may actually mean being self-unemployed some of the time.

Enshrine Virtual Resources will enable many of you to have the best of both worlds. You may enjoy your independence, while benefitting from – and contributing to – a brand that represents Excellence and Care, and a network of people who share those values.

We also welcome people in their late fifties and older, who have acquired the wisdom that comes with time, and who have come to know and appreciate themselves. Most of you were used to being permanently appointed, but have found that there is no such thing anymore. You may also feel strung along by placement agencies that have failed to place you, in spite of your excellent credentials. But perhaps it is not the fault of the agency: Sadly, most employers are reluctant, or simply refuse, to appoint ‘older’ people on their payroll.

To these ‘older’ people, including those who are retired, but who know that they still have much to offer, we have some good news to offset the litany of depressing stories: You don’t need to be a victim of ‘ageism’, or of racial quotas in the workplace. Becoming a selected EVR resource could allow you to work as much – or as little – as you like, doing what you were born to do, while being appreciated and rewarded for your valued contribution.

Apply to become an EVR prospective resource here.