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The Enshrine Brandbach Wetlands Farm is now available to Enshrine clients and candidates.

The Brandbach Wetlands Farm – headquarters of Enshrine Placements and conference centre of the Enshrine Learning Academy where we train our Enshrine Placements Agents – is now available to Enshrine clients and candidates.


Brandbach Wetlands Farm is a unique eco-wetlands farm for bird watching, hiking, camping, mountain biking, special events, wedding receptions, bachelors, family reunions, team building, school camps, fishing and a great getaway destination. Wetlands are biologically diverse ecosystems that provide habitat for many vital species, harbour a variety of birds and smaller mammals, and act as natural water filters that break down harmful pollutants. They are an important gatekeeper that helps protect nature by providing an important refuge for animals.


Protecting wetland habitats.

In South Africa in particular, 48% of wetlands are threatened with extinction and the country has lost 50% of its original wetlands. In reality, wetlands are highly beneficial plant communities that support some wildlife species and provide a variety of benefits for wildlife, including food, nesting sites, shelter and water. Wetlands help maintain both the quantity and quality of our water supply. Wetlands are considered valuable because they purify water, replenish water supplies, reduce flood risk, and provide habitat for fish and wildlife. In addition, wetlands provide recreational opportunities, aesthetic benefits, and are used for research and education. One of the most important benefits of wetlands is their ability to maintain and improve water quality. When wetlands are healthy, they have a rich natural diversity of plants and animals. These can act as filtration systems that remove sediments, nutrients, and pollutants from the water.


How do wetlands ensure the supply of clean water? Wetlands are extremely valuable ecosystems for society as they can reduce flooding, filter and clean polluted water, recharge groundwater, provide habitat for wildlife and fulfill important recreational and cultural functions.


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Our (Ian and Caryn) aim is to keep the farm as pristine as possible so that wetland wildlife and plants can thrive, and to raise awareness on the importance of wetlands.


We have the following facilities available on Airbnb, or you can book directly with Ian or Caryn (contact details below).

Our Features

Training/conference room (projector available) seating 15 to 20 in a U-shape or as a classroom. Indoor and outdoor kitchen and dining areas, two bar areas, breakfast in the bush or sundowners. Boma fire pits and braai areas with grid grills (available at all sites), a clay pizza oven, a large swimming pool, a hot tub, a pool table, and a robust volleyball court. Hikes from 3 to 5 kilometres in length. Also suitable for mountain bikes. 1 rugged ethnic village.


Off-the-grid luxury glamping tents. Each tent has its own open-air bathroom with shower in the African landscape (in the bush). Two ensuite bedrooms. Mini kitchen and dining area in the small courtyard. One bunk house with space for 30 people. Two separate bunk houses with bunk beds, kitchen, dining area and terrace; separate bathrooms (with showers) for men and women.


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History of Brandbach Wetlands Farm.

The farm was formerly owned by the Prinsloo family. In 1979 Hennie Prinsloo founded Brandbach Stud, which was owned by the European Warmblood Horse Society of South Africa until 1997. The stud began with imports such as Zoda from Sweden and Babbsa from the Swedish National Stud. Marieke Prinsloo, a famous, award-winning South African sculptor and daughter of Hennie Prinsloo, grew up at Brandbach Farm and found her calling in the perpetual stream that flows from an underground water channel. She made sculptures with whatever she could find on the farm, including clay from the stream. Brandbach Wetland Farm was purchased in February 2022 by Caryn and Ian, the founders and owners of Enshrine Holdings. We were fortunate to acquire Brandbach Farm as we recognized its unique value as a wetland that is critical to the survival of the planet. Our vision is to raise awareness of wetlands by sharing the farm and leaving it untouched as a haven for wildlife. We’re working with environmental experts to conserve the wetlands. We’re also on our way to becoming off-grid to minimize the impact on the farm.


Our animal world:

Rich bird life (Hammerheads, Egyptian geese, paradise flycatchers, kingfishers, yellow-billed ducks, and grey herons can be observed here)

Freshwater otters

Bush pigs




Guinea fowl


Firefly (December – January)

Grey duiker



Our four-legged friends:

Two horses (Peanut & Spirit)

Four dogs (Amber, Pablo, Diva & Snoop) 

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Enshrine Brandbach Wetland is the perfect place for small, private conferences or team building events. Quiet surroundings, no noise pollution or heavy traffic. Ideal for school, sports, or children’s camps.


Watch our video here: https://youtu.be/VQ1qhOeg4oU?si=k6fBJmC-bB7WNEiS


This picturesque farm with magnificent sunsets, large trees, a rocky headland and grassland with a perennial stream, a canal, a small dam and a large wetland area with amazing birdlife is only 45 minutes from the centre of Pretoria and 15 minutes from the historic town of Cullinan. Cullinan offers a golf course with a rich history dating back to 1905, guided surface and underground tours at the Cullinan Diamond Mine, a mix of restaurants, tea gardens and the Adventure Zone for activities such as quad biking, hiking, archery and ziplining. Here you can reinvigorate your team and work on strategies or training or take a weekend break before taking on a new challenge in life.


For more information contact caryn@enshrineplacements.com (+27 83 653 7750) or ian@enshrineplacements.com (+27 62 819 1780). 

Book Airbnb with Ian O’ Brien +27 62 819 1780


Visit our website here: https://brandbach.co.za/

Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/BrandbachFarmRetreat/


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