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Health, Safety & Environmental Consultant

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Company classification: Consulting (engineering, design and systems integrators, civil/QS/architectural) Industry in: Chemicals Petrochemicals - Petrol | Oil | Grease | Lubrication | Crude Oil | Natural Gas Highest formal qualification and other: Post graduate Post graduate Discipline: Occupational Health and Safety Years of experience range: g. 20 to 30 years (d. 6 to 10 years management) Annual package range: South African Rand - ZAR Annual package range: 751 000 - 850 000, per annum Nationality: South African Home and other languages: English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Zulu Gender: Female Ethnicity: African/Black Candidate location: South Africa Location preference: I am open to positions internationally.

Online Interview Questionnaire

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

1. To evaluate health and safety-related hazards to mitigate risk found.
2. To manage environmental waste and effluent in order to comply with related regulations regarding discharge and stored waste onsite.
3. To investigate incidents and conduct root cause analysis to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. This also allows us to analyze trends

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

1. Recognition and evaluation of health-related hazards by conducting health risk assessments.
2. The safety culture of the organization needs to be positive to allow me to mitigate hazards and help the organization minimize safety and health risks.
3. Having the budget that allows all the compliance key performance indicators to be completed, this assist me in having all the required information for the application for a scheduled trade permit which involves, health and safety compliance, waste management information, air emission license renewal

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

A go-to person, I have the ability to solve those problems which have been existing and there seemed to be no ways to solve them

Ideal business title:

Health Safety Environment Manager

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

Changing the safety culture of the organization towards the positive side, protecting the environment, and complying with ISO 14001 certification or implementing one if the company does not have one. the company also implements ISO 45001 and ISO 9001, these assist the company in complying with the health safety environment management system and improve the image of the company, bringing more customers as they want to work with a company that is accredited to these international standards. these eventually reduce the risks holistically.

Skill area of competence:

mitigations to avoid recurrence. of the same events.

I help supervisors to identify hazardous and unsafe conditions and ensure rectifications.

I conduct toolbox talk meetings, and supervisors’ safety meetings conduct training in many environmental health and safety topics, lead safety incentive programs, and conduct safety auditing/inspections.

As an HSE professional, I act in an advisory capacity to the management and supervision.

I monitor and ensure that the activities are being performed according the acceptable safety norms.

I conduct risk assessments, pre-task meetings, and all other project-related safety requirements.

I investigate hazards and dangerous occurrences, examine the cause of incidents, carry out HSE inspection on site, and what remedial steps/action has been undertaken.

I also am responsible for taking disciplinary actions against violations, taking into account that employees are not dismissed but corrective measures are encouraged in order to learn from their mistakes. Also, stages of warning are documented for those individuals.

I conduct all the occupational hygiene-related evaluations and improve the risk including the facilities and food safety-related risks

Career summary:

10 years experience in chemical process operations, 11 years experience in occupational hygiene, safety, and environment risk management

What do you absolutely love doing:

I love teaching and helping the vulnerable teams who are not included before and helping them with the knowledge that allows them to go home to their families safely. I always self-develop and love studying, but I would like to stop at the master's level for now and focus more on developing my company

Ideal company (culture and values):

I would like to work with a company that takes care of its employees, takes safety and health as first priority, and does not push back the mitigations in order to only push production but thrives at improving the risk of the company. It needs to have a culture of listening, respect, and zero tolerance for unsafe acts. The company adopts a "you see it you own it"culture where everyone is their brother's keeper. would like the leaders to show commitment to health safety and the environment by not hiding the non-conformance of their teams in order to have good trends while real issues still exist and are not solved.

If you are looking for a Health, Safety & Environmental Consultant, then do get in touch.

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