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Management Accountant

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Company classification: Manufacturing / OEM ( Tier 1 & 2) (products, equipment and/or machinery) Industry in: Ferrous Metals (Carbon Steel | Stainless Steel | Cast Iron | Wrought Iron) Highest formal qualification and other: Degree Degree Discipline: Applied Science Years of experience range: g. 20 to 30 years (d. 6 to 10 years management) Annual package range: South African Rand - ZAR Annual package range: 951 000 - 1.1 mil, per annum Nationality: South African Gender: Female Ethnicity: Indian Candidate location: South Africa Location preference: I am open to positions nationally (in my country).

Online Interview Questionnaire

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

Draw up the Balance Sheet and income statement. Analyze Actual and budget variances and obtain reasons for differences.
Prepare Summary overhead costs per profit centres. Report on Invoiced tonnages, Turnover and Gross Profit in comparison to budget.
Compile and distribute management accounts to Management and banks.
Assist with compiling the annual income and expense budget and Quarterly forecast (SA). Prepare intercompany debit notes and journals.

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Report weekly on invoiced and budgeted tonnages.
Check reports on contracts that were invoiced and in keeping with the relevant provisions and that Gross profit is in line with expected margins. Identify contracts with losses and substantiate reasons.

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I am always motivated to be better and do better.
Each morning is planned to accomplish all I can and to have a productive day.
Life is too short to wait for tomorrow.

Ideal business title:

Management Accountant

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

I work well with a team as well as on my own. I take my job seriously and endeavor to always deliver the best results I possibly can. I am deadline driven and manage time and tasks.

Skill area of competence:

Finance - reporting
Accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Career summary:

17 years - Steel environment.
2 years - Computer hardware
2 years - Property

What do you absolutely love doing:

I love to love my dog. Take him on his morning walks and to the park on weekends. I love spending time with family and my closest friend.
i enjoy travel when the opportunity arises.

Ideal company (culture and values):

I easily adjust to people and environments. I do however appreciate a more corporate environment that is friendly and easy going.

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