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Project Controls Manager

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Company classification: EPC / EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) Industry in: Engineering - Electrical | Electronic Power - Generation | Transmission | Distribution - Transformers | Generators | Power Electronics Highest formal qualification and other: Masters Certificate Discipline: Engineering and Technology Management Years of experience range: e. 11 to 15 years (e. More than 10 years management) Annual package range: US Dollar - USD Annual package range: 0.00 - 150 000, per annum Nationality: Cameroonian Home and other languages: English, French Gender: Male Ethnicity: African/Black Candidate location: Benin Location preference: I am open to positions internationally.

I am a mechanical engineer and a seasoned project management professional, with fifteen years of experience in engineering design and construction and maintenance of process plant. I have a good understanding of what to take in order to best anticipate and manage risks issues that may arise during the design and the impacts during construction and operation.

I have been involved in all phases of Engineering Procurement Construction & Commissioning projects from tendering to commissioning and on projects with budget over 10 million euros.

As a manager I can communicate effectively with colleagues about project goals and tasks whether in English of in French.

Online Interview Questionnaire

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

The primary purpose of my current position as planning manager (project control manager), is to create and issue project schedules, design briefs and project execution plans. In this capacity, my primary responsibilities include the preparation of resource and cost-loaded planning, the issuance of progress and performance reports, risk management and the preparation of monthly forecasting reports on both scope, cost and schedule. The ultimate goal of my position is to ensure the timely execution of projects and improve the operational efficiency of the team.

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

As a Planning Manager, the successful achievement of my driving purpose relies on several functions operating correctly.
Developing and implementing strategic plans that align with project goals and objectives. For that, imply setting long-term priorities and plans.
Accurate forecasting of resources, and potential challenges. Forecasting is crucial for effective planning. This helps in preparing for various scenarios and optimizing resource allocation.
Effectively allocating resources such as budgets, personnel, and equipment to different projects. The are critical aspects of planning.
Ensuring that projects are well-planned, executed on schedule, and meet quality standards is my key responsibility.
Identifying potential risks and developing mitigation strategies to minimize disruptions to the project execution.
Establishing sound key performance indicators and measuring performance against them to evaluate the effectiveness of the.

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

Efficient, ambitious, disciplined project manager holding a technical engineering degree with 15+ years of experience. Has been managing projects in all phases of Oil and gas EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) projects from tendering to commissioning. Communicate effectively with colleagues about project goals and tasks. Always motivating the team to achieve team goals. Encouraging manager and analytical problem-solver with a talent for team-building and relationship-building skills. Travels regularly around West and East Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya.

Ideal business title:

Project manager, mechanical engineer, mechanical supervisor.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

Here are some key responsibilities and accountabilities of my ideal position which is that of a project manager in a construction project.

Project Planning and Initiation:
• Develop a comprehensive project plan, including scope, schedule, and budget.
• Define project objectives, goals, and deliverables.
• Secure necessary approvals and permits to begin the project.

Scope Management:
• Clearly define the project scope and objectives.
• Monitor and control changes to the scope, ensuring that project requirements are met.

Budget Management:
• Develop and manage the project budget, including cost estimates and tracking expenses.
• Ensure that the project stays within budget constraints.

Schedule Management:
• Create and maintain a project schedule, including milestones and critical path activities.
• Monitor progress and adjust schedules as necessary to meet deadlines.

Resource Allocation:
• Allocate and manage project resources, including labor, equipment, and materials.
• Optimize resource utilization to maximize efficiency.

Risk Management:
• Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation plans.
• Monitor and address risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Quality Assurance:
• Establish and enforce quality standards for construction work.
• Conduct inspections and quality control to ensure compliance.

• Facilitate clear and timely communication among project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, subcontractors, and team members.
• Provide regular project updates and reports.

Contract Management:
• Negotiate and manage contracts with contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.
• Ensure contract compliance and resolve disputes if they arise.

Health and Safety:
• Implement and enforce safety protocols and regulations to ensure a safe work environment.
• Address safety issues promptly.

Environmental Compliance:
• Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and permits.
• Implement eco-friendly practices when applicable.

Client Relations:
• Maintain a positive relationship with the client by addressing their concerns and keeping them informed about project progress.

Procurement and Purchasing:
• Procure materials and equipment in a cost-effective and timely manner.
• Manage supplier relationships.

Change Management:
• Manage change orders and modifications to project plans.
• Evaluate the impact of changes on scope, schedule, and budget.

Documentation and Record Keeping:
• Maintain accurate project documentation, including contracts, drawings, permits, and reports.
• Ensure proper record-keeping for future reference and audits.

Closeout and Handover:
• Ensure the completion of all project deliverables.
• Conduct a thorough project closeout, including final inspections, documentation, and client handover.

Continuous Improvement:
• Review project performance and identify areas for improvement.
• Implement lessons learned in future projects.

Financial Reporting:
• Prepare financial reports and forecasts to track project costs and profitability.

Regulatory Compliance:
• Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations related to construction projects.

Team Leadership:
• Provide leadership and direction to project teams, including subcontractors and support staff.

Skill area of competence:

Construction Management/Project Planning/CPM Scheduling/Project Management/Project Control/Project Engineering/Local content/Mechanical Engineering/Constructability

Career summary:

3 years in oil pipeline
2 years in road construction
7.5 years in refinery construction (greenfield and brownfield)
3 years construction of high-voltage transmission lines

What do you absolutely love doing:

Project execution and mechanical engineering within plan construction industries

Ideal company (culture and values):

The company should have strong values and a distinctive culture. People should be their assets with small teams and direct communication between management lines. The company should be involved in project management, construction and EPC within the energy industry.

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