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Predict Employee Performance with Pre-Hiring Online Assessments

Predict Employee Performance

What defines psychometric testing? It is a stable measure of reliably predicting how people will respond in a given situation, given the sum total of their traits, cognitive abilities, affective mindsets and behavioral patterns. With respect to the workplace, pre-hiring online assessments offer the employer a chance to engage in fair selection with significant cost savings in recruitment. Valid, reliable assessments provide a means of selecting candidates based on their capabilities assessed for a specific role. You can predict every aspect of employee performance with online assessments for hiring.

Predict Employee Performance

What Makes Pre-Hiring Online Assessments Tick

24/7 Availability

The online assessments for hiring can take place anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Psychometrics focus on finding the right candidate for the job and they serve as round-the-clock assessments which are fairly stable measures of how people react in a given work situation, and the asset value of human capital.


Significant cost savings in recruitment makes for another advantage, when it comes to online assessments for hiring. Psychometrics focuses on finding candidates that perform well in the workplace, reducing the chances of making an error in selection. Assessments permit candidates to be selected for a work role, so that their potential fits within a certain organization in terms of its values and work culture. Online assessments can pick up the essential motivations and talents that form the core of a person. This includes skill, attitude towards work, ability to work under multiple deadlines, and increases the chance that the right hire will be made.

Increased Employee Engagement

An organization’s culture impacts work performance. Increase in employee commitment levels result in higher engagement and job satisfaction. With a streamlined recruitment process, you can sift through the applications to find the right candidate for the job. Assessments can be used for administrative decisions, promotional opportunities or just assessing the right fit for the job.

Support Employer Branding and Attract The Right Candidate

Employer branding is an important part of the overall impression a potential employee gets of an organization or company. Tailor-made, high fidelity assessments create the right impression and enable companies to manifest unique branding opportunities to permit candidate selection and recruitment that enhances organizational productivity and efficiency.

Flexible, Robust Measures of Behavior

The psychometric test serves to create the right environment to evaluate and assess the client. With built in lie scales to guard against social desirability and fake responses, online assessments for hiring are effective measures of how an employee will fare in the workplace.

Predict Employee Performance


Authentic psychometric testing is perfect for an honest assessment of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and his/her response pattern to opportunities and threats in the work environment. An individual’s response to failure is just as important as success and Mettl’s psychometric tests examine every aspect of an employee’s skill set, including limitations that may impair work efficiency and organizational productivity in the face of challenges.

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