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Guided Meditation in the Workplace to reduce stress

Improve Employee Productivity by Reducing Workplace Stress

Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA) recently discovered that for every three employees that don’t show up to work, only one is physically ill. The other two cite overwhelming workplace pressures as the main reason for avoiding work, and, with technology and engineering ranking as the seventh most demanding industry, companies have started addressing ways to help employees manage their stress.

Fortunately, whether it’s using guided mediation by third parties, like Sage, or encouraging employees to engage in exercise, there are numerous ways to help employees avoid the damaging effects of stress.

Stress: Why It Matters

South Africa was ranked as the second-most stressed country in the world, and the disorder is costing the economy R16 billion per annum. Workplace stress leaves employees distracted, depressed and unfocused, severely impacting their productivity. If allowed to develop, long-term symptoms can be either mental or physical, and results in high levels of absenteeism.

How to Reduce Stress


Team-building exercises and social events allow staff to get to know one another away from the pressures of work. By fostering caring relationships, employees are more likely to go the extra mile for one another and handle difficult situations as a team.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Fifteen minutes in a quiet corner or following a guided meditation using headphones at their desk is sufficient to increase a worker’s confidence, creativity and focus. Providing a space and encouraging employees to take regular breaks is a relatively cheap way of ensuring staff stay happy and healthy.

Yoga & Exercise

Providing employees with incentives to exercise, be it in on-site sports facilities or with gym membership discounts, allows staff to combat the stressful hormones in their bodies with physically beneficial ones. Furthermore, if employees can attend gyms or sports activities together, this is another way of encouraging staff to bond with one another.

One of the prime methods of exercise is yoga, which combines all of the above elements: a space to be mindful and meditate; a chance to release physical stress with exercise; and an opportunity to build rapport with work colleagues.


Employees that feel driven and inspired want to work, and when they want to work, productivity and quality improve. Workplace stress is a costly and rising business expense, but investing in employee well-being is the most effective way to restore your staff to their very best.