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Assess Your Employee Before Hiring, How to

How to Assess Your Employee Before Hiring

Finding the best fit for a job can make a huge difference to the success of a workplace by the boost that employees provide towards work productivity. Measuring the personality of an employee in an interview has its limitations. The Mettl Personality Inventory, a unique employee personality test, helps to overcome these restrictions. In-depth analytics, sound predictive capacity, and objective evaluation ensures that your organization does not fall prey to biases or errors especially when it comes to hiring top talent.

In case of removing subjectivity, inherent in the interviewing situation, this test is ideal because your company can assess a potential candidate based on thirty multiple personality traits before taking the final decision. Assessing employees before hiring them requires skill on the part of the evaluator too. Choose the most well suited candidate using the Mettl Personality Inventory, enabling unmatched accuracy and precision when it comes to evaluating human capital.

The Mettl Personality Inventory is useful for hiring the following profiles:

  • Entry level to middle management for key operational roles
  • Undergraduate/graduate candidates of relevant disciplines for entry level roles such as a Business Analyst
  • Engineers with undergraduate or graduate qualification for IT/non IT positions

The test comprises of 60 items on a 5 point Likert type scale. The theoretical underpinnings of this test are based on the Big 5 Personality Factor Theory developed independently by many theorists, including Paul Costa and Robert McCrae, JM Digman, Ernest Tupes, and Raymond Christal.

Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience (known by the acronym OCEAN or CANOE) are the big 5 personality traits. The Mettl Personality Inventory identifies 12 core competencies that are measured including integrity, trustworthy, trusting others, passionate for work, responsible/accountable, sincere in following others, team player, open to learning, capable of taking initiative, self starter, stability, and stress management. The test views no behavioral trait alone and sees these personality factors in a mosaic of a larger framework.

The inventory also provides deep insights into implications of behavior due to the congruence of two personality factors with personality types for distinct and specific behavior patterns– this constitutes a person’s interaction style, preferred work style, psychological well-being, interests of professionalism, anger management and approach to work, level of impulse control, character building, learning patterns, and behavior under pressure. This is an insightful analysis. It has received positive evaluations from clients. The analytical inputs are associated with validation for different verticals spanning industries.

Details of the Test

  • The duration of the test is 15 minutes.
  • It has a high reliability score of .88 (Cronbach’s Alpha)
  • For different norm groups, the validity score ranges from .86 to .90

How to Assess Your Employee Before Hiring

Test Benefits

Elimination of Fake Responses/Social Desirability Concerns

To begin with, keeping in  mind the social desirability bias at the stage of test construction ensures that the test prevents respondents from taking the evaluation and giving responses that might appear positive. The test comprises of items where manipulation of responses can be detected, through scoring, which cannot be predicted. For those items where the question seems too simple, scientific assessment ensures that randomness or manipulation of responses is ascertained.

Benchmarking for Different Organizations and Multiple Roles

Mettl also provides scientifically valid benchmarking to ensure that the organizational roles are well defined and serve as a comparative framework to assess the candidate.

Mapping Organizational Competency Framework

Numerous positive client testimonials and an extensive list of customers point to the Mettl advantage for evaluation and assessment of employee suitability for organization roles and positions.

Norms for Interpreting Scores Effectively

Thresholds for the level of proficiency for each group in terms of norms are based on the normal probability distribution of scores (Bell shaped curve). For this specific psychometric test, data is obtained and norms are formed on the basis of industries and spanning verticals of different organizational types identified in the Mettl database. Care is taken to ensure that newly added data is periodically included while putting together the final report/evaluation.

Providing a Standard To Assess Employee Behavior, Attitude or Aptitude

Human behavior stems from psychological as well as situational factors. Psychometric reports should not be interpreted in isolation however, as it is essential to consider the interlinked factors influencing behavior that can emerge from environmental, physical and other factors rather than just the personality traits characterizing an individual. An analysis should provide a comprehensive framework to evaluate the person’s aptitude for the work position and the Mettl Personality Inventory can go a long way in accomplishing this.

How to Assess Your Employee Before Hiring


When it comes to an employee personality test, the Mettl Personality Inventory is oriented towards providing an exhaustive evaluation of a person’s ability to excel in a given work situation. A reliable, valid and consistent measure of an employee’s ability to contribute to the productivity of the organization and the profit margins of any company.

Assessing a wide variety of traits to make a difference to the final outcome, when it comes to a hiring decision, Mettl Personality Inventory is one of the most objective evaluations of employee effectiveness.

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