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Improve the accuracy of your hiring decisions and activate employee engagement in the hiring process.

Employee engagement has a direct and positive impact on business performance and can lead to significant financial benefits.

One of the most important applications of employee engagement is the hiring process itself. There is a clear link between the talent required for a role and a candidate’s natural talent/energy.


Using a talent or natural energy profiling tool is extremely valuable to match the profile to the role.


Enshrine Placements are accredited partners of Contribution Compass and has integrated the Contribution Compass Profile and Contribution Identifier into our hiring process.

The Contribution Compass is a profiling tool that enables organisations to understand the area where the individual can make the greatest contribution to the team and how the individual can make the greatest difference for themselves and the organisation. Often, we can focus on a person’s background and skills, but that’s not all. Understanding the area where an individual can make the greatest contribution will help us to quickly determine if the candidate and the role are a good fit.


The Contribution Compass Profile and Contribution Identifier are invaluable at the recruitment planning stage.

When used correctly, they help you to increase employee engagement, improve retention and increase the efficiency of your hiring decisions. And it’s guaranteed to save you money!


  • By applying the Contribution Compass profile to the recruitment process, we can avoid many of the pitfalls that occur when putting teams together.
    The danger of hiring a mirror image of yourself and duplicating skills is always a real and present concern – like attracts like. Too many of the same profiles in a team, too many people in a team that tend to get stuck in their “head” and not in the practical reality.
  • It also helps us to focus our language in press and advertisements so that our job offer naturally appeals to the profile our client needs.
  • At the interview and selection stage, the requirements and results of the profile can help validate the pre-selection of candidates, improving effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The Contribution Compass profile helps to identify and strengthen personal power and flow – the “old school” approach was to focus employees on developing their weaknesses; the “new-school” approach is all about talent and strengths.
  • It offers important insights into how teams workAlthough we function best when we have the freedom to express ourselves authentically and in line with what we care about most, we are still always dependent on others to fulfil aspects of the value chain that we are inherently less interested in or they are better at. We are interdependent. When we are surrounded by profiles who can do the things that we are not so good at, we can specialise and bring even more of our authentic value to bear.


The cost to an organisation of poorly engaged and disengaged employees can be enormous and, in our opinion, can be avoided by using the natural energy profile, Contribution Compass, as a recruitment tool.


Hiring the best candidates increases turnover by increasing the employer’s efficiency and overall competence, customer satisfaction and turnover per full-time employee.  (FTE).

Harness the natural energy and talents of your team by incorporating their natural energy profile into your hiring process!


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