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Thandanani is another initiative we are privileged to support; it is an orphanage which is run as a non-profit organisation by a small but highly dedicated team of supporters.  Thandanani means “love each other”; a name that eloquently captures the humanitarian intent behind this life-changing enterprise which provides assistance to orphans and other disadvantaged children from selected homes; many of whom are infected and affected by AIDS or abuse. The children at the centre are given food parcels and winter and summer clothes and are also taken on educational excursions whenever possible.  At any one time approximately 50 children and their respective caregivers are treated to an outing they will remember for many years to come.

The seeds we sow today are the harvest of tomorrow; so too the children of today are the society of the future. The way in which we treat the most downcast and least privileged amongst us is the truest test and measure of any society. It is for reasons such as these that Enshrine strives to support vital causes like Thandanani, a non-profit organisation run by Ruth Matetisa and a small but highly dedicated team of supporters.

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The loving spirit behind Thandanani belongs to Ruth Matetisa, an inspirational woman who is driven to bring great joy to the hearts and minds of children. With no formal education to back her, Ruth relies on tough determination and a purity of vision to improve the lives of young children who, through no fault of their own, have landed in difficult situations. She has been able to help various homes in turn, such as Banekeleng Hospice orphans, Twilight home for boys, Nkosi Haven, Abraham Kriel Home for children and the list goes on.

Ruth only takes on children who work hard and are well behaved, a testament to the power of agency and the spirit of survival and tenacity she herself exhibits. Above and beyond providing for the immediate physical and emotional needs of children at various centres, she has managed to secure two bursaries for promising students.

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Ruth’s vision for the future is to increase the scale of what she currently does – she would like to help 100 children to go on educational excursions and to provide them with a daily meal instead of twice-weekly.

At present the centre has identified the following needs for the children at the various centres:

Financial assistance requested to care for 420 orphan children from the various orphanages in Johannesburg for the initiatives below.

  • R8 500 is needed each month for the soup kitchens
  • Winter and summer school uniforms
  • Stationery
  • Blankets
  • Money to pay for educational excursions
  • Twice-monthly soup kitchen
  • Toys
  • Cleaning materials and soap
  • Students who would love to go to university approach Thandananiin the hopes of securing bursaries.

Companies that provide donations receive a Section 18a invoice to claim towards your tax returns.

For more information or to make donations or sponsor a child contact Ruth Maetisa directly on +27 11  833 5685 or email  ruththandanani@gmail.com

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Recruitment placements made through Enshrine where the invoice is settled within five working days sees a contribution of 10% of the fee being allocated to one of Enshrine’s Enterprise Investment Beneficiaries; such as Thandanani. Our clients can also gain BEE points in this way. We sincerely hope that this strategy will allow us to promote Thandanani’s cause to the world and to inspire others through the pure vision and motivation that Ruth exhibits in her life and work.