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Benefits of Partnering with a reputable Recruitment company – cost effective advert response handling and recruitment

Recruitment staff can receive 100 to 200 emails daily, if this is not managed effectively and efficiently, then your team may be very busy, and achieve few results.

When a candidate is looking to move on average they can send out 60 to 100 applications to potential employers and recruitment agents, and will be lucky to receive any responses acknowledging that their email has been received.

The employable high level applicants among the responses is insignificant if your recruitment personal do not have a fine eye, the technical knowledge, or the expertise to be able to identify the talent among the candidates’ responses.

To show respect and provide empathy and hope to those who are currently seeking a new opportunity, and who have specifically highlighted your organisation as a company for whom they would like to work, is much to ask for at the moment.

Social media has magnified this challenge of keeping the balance between treating people with care and focusing on your own company’s brand, reputation and credibility, and your teams core activities, in executing their bottom line goals and objectives.

As recruitment agents, I believe it is our job to communicate with all persons who communicate with us directly, via our inbox and all social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, for assistance in helping , or providing them with some direction on how best to find an opportunity, assuming that we are unable to help them directly. It is critically important for your company’s brand and corporate identity to show respect to others who make contact with your company directly, regarding a job opportunity.

  • How do we cope with advert response handling and still be effective and efficient in executing our objectives and priorities in a day?
  • How much great talent in this world, with a scarcity of Engineering and Technical Skills, are we losing to our direct competitors, because our advert response handling, database management systems, and personnel training, are not tailor-made to our company’s needs?

It is important that we take action now!

The solution may be to partner with a Recruitment Agent, specialising in your Industry, to become your Advert Response Handling service provider, and your human capital management partner. This would allow them to provide a long term investment approach to your company’s human resource development, management and forecasting, as opposed to ad hoc placements in reaction to changing business requirements.

If your company does not have an advert response handling and database management strategy in place,