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Creating Jobs Through Honey Production

For you, for me, for nature, for humanity:this is our business credo at Enshrine, and it is our heartfelt desire to bring these words to life and contribute in meaningful ways to really making a difference.In order to transform words into acts that foster sustainability, economic development and gainful employ for the people of Africa, we have embraced playing the role of broker for initiatives we feel have both their hearts and minds in the right place.

Our agreement with clients is that we pass 10% of any earnings received within seven days on to organisations and projects that are forging the way toward a better and more prosperous future for all, and doing so in environmentally and socially sensitive ways.

One of our partners is Open Africa, an inspirational non-profit organisation under the patronage of Nelson Mandela.Open Africa’s vision is to enable livelihoods and enhance conservation in rural and marginalized areas, by offering travellers life enriching journeys while leveraging the natural splendours of Africa. With 56 tourism routes developed so far, involving 2114 participants that directly employ 27 750 people, Open Africa is a shining example to us of the powerful role resourcefulness can play in uplifting the African continent.

In the past two months three companies have joined us in supporting Open Africa’s enterprise development initiative, in this instance helping to create jobs and food security through honey production.

We extend a big thank you to the following companies who have supported us, Open Africa and the lives of those who have been touched by the allocation of funds, in the privilege of making a difference:

·Weir Minerals Africa (Pty) Ltd. for the placement of Winchester Maphosa as Product Manager: Communication.

·Kelvin Power – for the placements of Lesley Baloyi as Production Manager, and Vinnie Odayan as Projects Manager.

·And First Uranium for recent additions to their staff complement.

Regarding where the funds received have been allocated so far, Open Africa has been working for some time on developing a honey bee project, the cost of implementation of which will ultimately run into several million Rand, but the preparation of which has also been quite costly. It is a project with very positive long term implications, in which the intention is to get as many participants from as many routes as possible to supplement their income through bee keeping for honey production purposes.

Why honey? Beekeeping is an easy, cost effective way to provide rural communities with livelihood opportunities and to contribute to food security with a product that has both nutritional and medicinal properties. Over the past decade, there has been a drastic decline in the number of active local beekeepers in South Africa, mostly because of a lack of skills transfer from an ageing generation. Low quality (sugar fed) foreign honey is being imported to meet local demand. South Africa is ideal for beekeeping given its wealth of nectar producing flora and we need 50 000 beekeepers to become an exporter of honey. The honey producing project is being rolled out using the economic platform presented by existing Open Africa travel routes.


Bee on a sunflower

This allocation of funds by Open Africa is so satisfying for us on a number of levels.In many ways it is symbolic of our drive to foster development and upliftment through the placements we make in the engineering and technical sectors.Bees are master engineers, who work harmoniously together to make the sweetest of liquid gold.By harnessing our shared resources we can create meaningful change. By supporting this project you help address some of South Africa’s most critical issues – you create jobs, enhance the environment by stimulating pollination, and you contribute to food security.

“The fact is that this is a highly innovative win-win scheme worked out by Enshrine whereby prompt payment of accounts are encouraged in such a way that Enshrine, the payee, as well as Open Africa and its beneficiaries all score from the result. This is another way among several that Enshrine is playing a change maker role in society.”

Noel. N. de Villiers, Chief Executive Open Africa

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