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How we do business is what really counts

Thermaspray isn’t just about coatings, it’s about substance

It may well be that the key to creating social change and correcting imbalances in the distribution of health, wealth and prosperity for all, is less a matter of changing what we do, but changing how we do it.  Instead of thinking we need to change the way we do business all at once – which can tend to overwhelm us – it is often a matter of changing one small thing at a time, and so doing what we can; incrementally.  The bottom line is that all change happens one step at a time; change is a process, and quality is more important than quantity.

Thanks to the placement of Chris Malan as a Machine Shop Manager at Thermaspray in early November 2011, one of Enshrine’s SED beneficiaries – Thandanani – has been able to take a significant step forward, one which makes a huge difference to the lives of at least 55 underprivileged children.  Thanks to clients of calibre, like Thermaspray – companies that are willing to make those small changes that generate big impacts – our belief that we can make a difference and have a positive impact in the process of conducting our day to day business continues to grow.

This sentiment is mirrored in Dr. Jan Lourens’ (MD of Thermaspray) assertion that although the company doesn’t plan on being the biggest necessarily, it does strive to be the best in terms of quality and service provided to clients.

Thermaspray SA (Pty) Ltd is a leading supplier of thermal spray and polymer coating services to industry. The company was formed through the commercialisation of the Thermal Spray and Repair Group of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (www.csir.co.za).  Supported by their own metallurgical laboratories, and their diverse engineering capabilities, they are able to develop world-class engineered coating solutions for their customers. Their commitment to remaining a technology leader is reflected by their qualification as a Technology Top 100 SMME (www.TT100.co.za) company, and their dedication to providing customers with quality service is confirmed by their DEKRA ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Groceries for Thandanani – thanks to the generous contribution from Thermaspray for their placement made with Enshrine

Thanks to the timely settlement of accounts with Enshrine, funds were made available to Thermaspray for allocation, at their discretion, to one of our SED Investment Partners.  The beneficiary they selected was Thandanani and the funds were used to support a soup kitchen for the Delfire home in Diepsloot where 55 children (of which 25 of sleep over at the home) benefitted. The soup kitchen operates on Mondays, and Ruth Matetisa (the enormous humanitarian spirit behind Thandanani) purchased much needed groceries with the generous contribution made on behalf of Thermaspray.




A very big thank you from Thandanani and Enshrine to Thermaspray for your pro-activity and dedication to making a difference to industry and the society you serve.