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A Procurement – Capability and Excellence Manager to (Ref nr: 693443)

Part of Enshrine Placements’ service offering is to bring exceptional Engineering and Technical Talent to you; candidates in your Industry Value Chain that have been identified as experts in their fields.

Today I have the pleasure of presenting:

A Procurement – Capability and Excellence Manager to:

·         Drive your Procurement Transformation Programs  and develop  a fully integrated procurement suite and procurement platform, involving Procurement technology selections and implementations of five key technology drivers including Procurement as a Platform, Native Mobility, Built-in Social Collaboration, Creative Features (such as Sourcing Workbench, supplier enabled innovation, knowledge management, market intelligence ) and Intuitive Intelligence.

·         Manage and lead Sourcing and Procurement operations improvement projects by leveraging his consulting and  15 years industry experience in Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain Optimisation, Cost Reduction. With the  major management consulting firms and niche procurement technology firms worked on clients projects in  the Energy (Oil, Gas, and Utilities), Mining, FMCG, Healthcare, Financial Services and Public Sector industries to create business value.


Deep experience in Procurement technology (including e-Procurement, e-Catalogues, Ariba) in line with the global trend / reality toward B2B transacting via the Internet.


Qualifications: B.Com (Information Systems & Management), Rhodes University (South Africa), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


Available as a Consultant or in a permanent position

Most recent position:

Regional Category Manager – strategic Procurement approach to categories within his portfolio operating within the Global Procurement Operating Model and Policies. The primary imperative is to increase shareholder value for the business through cost saving, cost avoidance, working capital optimisation and value enhancement. Of equal significance is to ensure that the requirements / needs of customers are met in terms of the most suited capabilities in the supply market.


Skill area of competence:

Sourcing and Procurement; Software Procurement; Project Planning; Project Execution; Project Delivery; Web Development; Strategic Sourcing; Spend Analysis; Electronic Catalogues; Procurement Organisation Design; e-Auctions; Ariba Spend Management technology; Process Mapping; Process Benchmarking, Business Process Improvement Management Systems (including Lean initiatives and Six Sigma principles), and Shared Services.



Pioneered the design and implementation of an in-house knowledge management system at a consulting company.  

Managed an Inventory Optimisation project that included the formalisation of all “informal” stores, design of interim stock accounting processes for periodic financial reporting purposes, and the co-ordination of the financial year-end stock count. The team realised a net income (i.e. up-front once-off financial accounting benefit) of R315 million for the client through stock identification. The team also enabled cost avoidance savings (i.e. working capital finance (interest) savings) of a further R3 Million, and a direct income realization of R3 Million through the sale and auction of scrapped / redundant stock.

Achieved the following ANNUAL benefits surrounding the Security Category – R10 Million working capital benefits, R12 Million cost savings (i.e. finished good stock loss reduction / containment); R2.5 Million cost avoidance in terms of rates and margin standardisation; Reduction in external forensic / investigative costs and reduction in claim values to Insurers (costs remain to be quantified).

For 10 manufacturing / bottling plant sites, achieved a 23% price increase on the Rand per Ton value of cullet (broken glass) using a Dutch Forward Auction via Ariba e-Auction technology. (This equated to R2.85 Million ANNUAL revenue generation).


Candidate description of self:

” I am a family-man and a self-starter. I am strongly results orientated and customer-centric. I am tenacious and enthusiastic with a reputation for being a hard driver balanced by my ability to empathise highly. I have excellent analytical and problem solving skills as well as excellent written and oral communication skills that enable me to deliver quality work outputs. I convey a strong professional image and attitude, with high energy and passion. I am a leader. Enjoys Spirituality; Leading by Example; Reading Books; Exercising; Watching Rugby; Thinking Creatively”


Ideal position, company, values and culture

·         Procurement – Capability and Procurement Excellence Manager (Permanent Role)

·         Consulting Associate – Procurement and Supply Chain (Permanent)

·         Procurement Specialist – Independent Contractor

A challenging role within a dynamic, ambitious growth organisation, I would like to be part of a team that carves out (envisions) and implements (manifests)  the end state vision for a corporate organisation’s procurement platform regarding all the procurement activities, functions and processes.


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