Webinar: Leadership Masterclass for Women: Corporate Success – 7 April 2020

Thanks for this seminar it is very enlightening – one needs a reminding. I completely agree that being in a professional environment where you feel passionate about your work and that aligns with your long term vision is rewarding. But such opportunities aren’t awarded to all of us at the same time. So my question is, how do you navigate through a  job you don’t fancy much while putting in the effort you have the job that aligns with your interests?

Lovisa A.

Great initiative to inspire, nurture, activate and sustain our value reorientation to be better transformative leader


Thank you this is so educational.

Debra C.

Love this, such important points being raised!

Ayesha A.

Absolutely, thanks for this. Time to take up space and owning it!

Victoria H.

Thank you, this was great food for our Entrepreneur souls.

Patricia V.

Thanks Usha, what a great summarised refresher of the content covered in LEMS. Just what I needed to refocus and push forward.

Shamona B.

thank you so much Usha, great relatable content.

Naomi C.

Thank you for the session, it was very helpful.

Yvonne M.

Thank you very much, just what I needed in my career. I’m ready for the LEMS program!

Michelle K.

Thank you for your time as well as the opportunity to join your masterclass- brilliant session. I will give the LEMS opportunity come thought. Go well.

Avashnie R.

Leadership Masterclass for Women: Success – 16 April 2020

What I have learned from this session is that follow-through is critical. Excellent points, thank you.

Venie B.

Thank you Usha :0) appreciate your wise words of wisdom

Sharonn P.

Thank you, Usha. An informative and helpful session

Meloshnie B.