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Theresa Moonsamy

Contribution Compass Profile


Value Proposition:


My 20 years experience of leadership roles have also included human resource management, training, sales, marketing and networking on a large scale. I have worked with people from various leading Industries, providing me the advantage of identifying core needs and requirements.

Location: South Africa, Gauteng

Home & other languages: English, Afrikaans

Division: Human Resource Management / Training, Development and Industrial Relations / Remuneration / BBBEE

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Indian

Nationality: South African

Current / most recent job title?

Enshrine Agent

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

The Primary purpose of being a technical Engineering Consultant is to identify, screen, qualify and hire skilled and professional talent to fill positions.

As a Technical Recruiter I will work for the Client as well as the Candidate. In all aspects I will follow through on process of verifying employment, checking references and negotiating all offers of employment.

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Stay up to date with training and social trends within the industry.

Educate myself to understand other industries.

Offer unwavering customer service with professionalism.

Treat all my clients and candidates with the utmost strict confidentiality.

Follow up with client & report back to all applicants.

Be open, honest and transparent with your clients and candidates.

What are some of your greatest achievements?

Working with Directors of different companies as well as engaging with international suppliers allowed me the privilege to see the world differently and learning to respect diverse cultural people globally.

Being in back office back then, I understood the requirements the position entailed.

Bringing stock in on time according to ETA’s was a challenge.

The sustained relationships abroad assisted me in getting the stock in on time.

The knowledge and understanding of industry, the business relationships I had created and sustained prevented a 60% loss and cost of goods. We saved the company’s key account client.

If you were to illuminate your skills and abilities along with your greater purpose and passions in life, how would you describe yourself?

My passion is to help people see and reach for their own dreams and most importantly, to help people believe in themselves.

The satisfaction of seeing a smile and hearing a heartfelt “thank you for helping” is hugely fulfilling.

I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, through job creation, building on relationships and believing in people through mentoring and one-on-one interaction.

My goal is to assist, head-hunt & place people in line with their proven track record and ability. If you believe it you can do it.

I believe every individual can, you just need to believe in yourself.

What do you absolutely love doing?

Helping people reach their full potential.

Creating an awareness that you can do it if you believe in yourself.