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Samantha Robinson

Contribution Compass Profile


Value Proposition:


I started working for Enshrine Placements in February and have been fortunate in that it is a great team of people. We are virtual agents, thus we work from home which allows for flexibility and encourages self-growth and learning. Enshrine consultants strive to deliver expert and personalised service to its clients and candidates.

On a personal note, working in recruitment has opened new worlds to me and I am looking forward to exploring and growing within this field. I am a compassionate and dedicated person and believe I fit in with Enshrine’s culture and value system. I enjoy working as a team and on my own and Enshrine provides this in a unique and empowering manner. I enjoy being able to assist clients to find the right candidate or help a candidate find the right position and hope that each person attains every success.

I enjoy volunteer work and volunteer for NPO Paballo Ya Batho on a weekly basis, and gives me a chance to give back to the community.

Location: South Africa, Gauteng

Home & other languages: English

Years of experience: 3 to 5 years

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

Nationality: South African

Formal Qualification: BA (Hons) Psychology

What is your current/ most recent job title?

Virtual Candidate Consultant

What is the primary purpose of this position?

To find and place a suitable candidate that meets the clients’ requirements and will achieve success in the position.

What are the core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order for you to achieve your primary purpose?

As a Consultant, you need to be organised and driven. Understanding what the candidate is looking for in a position and understanding what the client is looking for are key to successfully placing the right person for a position. Effective communication is vitally important.

What are some of your greatest achievements (When and how have you saved your employers time, money and resources)?

As Star Party manager I have been personally requested by high profile clients for repeat events and thus increased revenue and client loyalty. I was elected to the student representative council in my matric year and was selected for Golden Key International Honours Society and the UJ Genius Club during my years at the University of Johannesburg.

If you were to illuminate your skills and abilities along with your greater purpose and passions in life, how would you describe yourself?

I am passionate about people and would like to assist people in their personal growth and achieve their wants and needs. I am dedicated, hard working, organised and believe each personal has a unique potential that can achieve success. I am honest, I enjoy working independently and in a team and am looking for a new opportunity to stimulate and personally grow as a person.

What is the business title of your ideal position?

Recruitment Agent/ candidate Consultant. I would also like to study a human resources degree and work as a HR Officer/ Manager

What are the key responsibilities and accountabilities of your ideal position?

As a candidate consultant, I would be responsible for sourcing and matching potential candidates to clients’ specifications and needs. Attracting potential candidates using adverts, social media, referrals. Assessing and preparing CV’s and holding interviews would be important to determine suitability of candidates.

What do you absolutely love doing?

I enjoy working directly with clients, building cohesion amongst people, I enjoy the organisation of events and tasks, and find satisfaction after completing a task efficiently.