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Pre-Interview Review

Pre-Interview Preparation

Your main focus during the interview is to explain how your background and experience qualifies you to do the job. Concentrate on aligning your past experience to the specific job requirements. To do so successfully it is important to use examples that illustrate your ability.

These examples should include information on:

  • What a specific situation was
  • What you did about resolving or changing it
  • And the end result

Very Important: If an emergency / problem comes up on the day of the interview and you are unable to make it, immediately notify your Enshrine Agent and the Client before missing the appointment. Forgetting to do this could jeopardise your chances on this opportunity.

1. Get as much information on the company as possible. Research their website and get a detailed job description from the Enshrine Agent before meeting the client. Clients are impressed if you know who they are, what they do and what the position is about.

2. A first impression does make a difference. It is important that you dress appropriately; middle-of-the road is always the safest; something that makes you feel good, but also looks professional.

3. Remember to switch your cell phone off before the interview.

4. Extend a firm handshake and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Should it be a panel interview remember to have good eye contact with all the people present.

5. Answer questions with more than a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ – use examples and offer explanations wherever possible. (What the situation was, what you did about it / your role and what the end result was).

6. Listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions. If you don’t understand the question, ask him / her to please repeat it.

7. If there is something you strongly disagree with during the interview, don’t raise an objection at that point, hold it back until after the interview, when you can clarify the issue with your Enshrine Agent.

8. Never criticise past or present employers, the prospective employer or their employees.

9. When asked about your reasons for leaving a company, it is very important never to blame, criticise or say: “promises weren’t kept”. Be prepared to substantiate your reasons and explain what your understanding of a challenge is.

10. Don’t give a personal characteristic as a weakness – rather make it work related, e.g.: “My sense of urgency is sometimes interpreted as impatience by peers who are not as driven.”

11. If you are asked to list your strengths / positive characteristics, it is important to show how this strength will compliment or benefit the work you do or the company you will work for.

12. Salary – The best way to answer this question is “My current package is X and I get (discuss benefits, commissions and when your next increases is)” and then say, ‘From what we have discussed, this opportunity is really something I see as challenging (substantiate). I am certain that your organisation would make me an offer which is fair and market-related, in which case I would be very keen to consider it.’

13. During the interview – don’t smoke, eat, chew gum, suck sweets or drink alcohol – even if invited to do so.

14. Remember to ask the questions you have prepared beforehand. It shows interest and helps you to gather the information you will need to make an informed career decision.

When the interview is over
If you are interested in the opportunity, indicate this to the interviewer. Say what you like about the position and say something like, ‘I’m very interested in the position at your company and I’m confident that I can do the job.’ At the end of the interview you could ask: “Where do we go from here? What do you expect from me now? or What is the next step in the process?”


Remember – call your Enshrine Agent immediately after the interview. It is important that you call us before our client does.