What is the I Ching?

Welcome to the first episode in the I Ching 101 series by Belinda Doveston.

In this series I will take you step by step through the foundations of the I Ching to deepen your understanding of this powerful approach to change. Our approach will be simple and practical.

What is the I Ching?

The I Ching is an ancient philosophy on the nature of change, the only thing we can be certain of. In learning about the I Ching we can become better equipped to navigate through change and grow exponentially in the process, personally and in our business activities. Check out the video below.

I Ching Cafe

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Build Your Strategy!

For Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

We live in a crazy world. Crazy pace. Crazy change. And…well, crazy people. Yes, that’s you. That’s me. We are all trying to work out how to do something meaningful while being confronted by an end-less smorgasbord of options, technologies and challenges. So where do we go? What is truly meaningful? Where is due north? How do we create order in this sea of chaos? How do we guide our focus and our teams in the right direction? These are big questions with no easy answers.

This programme is the face-to-face and group version of the Agile Strategy online learning course available at Apian Learn-ing.

As your strategy may be commercially sensitive or you may wish to keep it private, the programme has been designed to enable you to share and interact at the level you choose to.

Enter agile, stage left. Yes, it’s a buzzword, it truly is.

Yet it’s also a fantastic descriptor of what it means to ride the wave of change we face and seize the incredible opportunities we have to make a real difference. Agility describes our ability to have strength and fitness to make magic in tumultuous times. And to have fun doing so. An agile strategy is the key to thinking big and executing our magic impeccably.

In this programme, diverse resources and practical exercises guide you to complete your one-page strategic plan with 3-5 year goals, 1-year priorities and your next quarter actions. Using Lego® Serious Play® the process steadily unpacks what you already know yet perhaps have not fully accessed – the great story that you and your team are here to give life to.

If you are a chief executive, business unit manager, entrepreneur or freelancer, this course will provide you with a clear out-come – a one-page strategic plan developed through the deep insights unlocked through Lego® Serious Play®.

It might be the starting point of a bigger journey that includes your team. It might be the sum total of what you need. Either way, if you have ever felt stumped at bringing your strategy together in a clear and concise manner that can inspire and drive your team, then let’s do this!

Event Details

• Somerset West / Commencing March 2019: One Friday morning for five weeks (8:30am to 12pm)—15/3, 22/3, 29/3, 5/4,12/4
• Elgin / Commencing May 2019: One Monday morning for five weeks (8:30am to 12pm)—6/5, 13/5, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6
• Venue and light refreshments included
• Use of our Lego® kits
• Maximum 20 spots per group
• Strategy plan template included
• Hosted at an area venue to be advised

R 3 850 Per Person | All Inclusive (No VAT Applicable)

Book Now: Somerset West/ Commencing March 2019: One Friday morning for five weeks (8:30am to 12pm)—15/3, 22/3, 29/3, 5/4,12/4
Book Now: Elgin/Commencing May 2019: One Monday morning for five weeks (8:30am to 12pm)—6/5, 13/5, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6

Belinda Doveston is a highly experienced educator, facilitator and business architect who is a certified facilitator in the Lego® Serious Play® method. She is one of the few active and certified LSP facilitators in South Africa.

Belinda brings together broad business experience, deep people development acumen and a passion for making a real impact on our world through human transformation.
Belinda is the founder of Apian Learning, an online video-based learning portal, and also produces and hosts a weekly podcast called Show Me the Honey, available on Apple Podcasts and other podcast broadcasters.

“The opposite of play is not work — it is depression.”
Dr Stuart Brown, founder and president of the National Institute For Play