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Lara Plumstead

Lara is the owner of Mavaric and the strategist behind your online marketing plan. She Created Mavaric 15 years ago. She has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the last decade but also has experience in corporate marketing budgets where she started over 20 years ago. In the corporate environment, Lara ran many sales teams and eventually took several roles as marketing director/sales director  in that environment. Lara has created an incredible team at Mavaric and has manifested loyalty and dedication.

Lara reinvents the word “Maverick” – she cannot be put into a box – but rather she is on another level. She takes everything she works on to new levels and beyond, orchestrating success stories from basic principles to awe-inspiring grandeur. Lara will make an ordinary idea become a revelation and set a standard by being different…. Lara is Mavaric. Lara has had years of experience in the IT industry in sales and marketing. Her biggest strength is driving sales revenue. She has tripled the turnover for a large software company and has a trail of sales successes behind her. People are her passion and growing them in life makes her who she is.



John Daniels

John combines visionary thinking with practical implementation to help create and implement marketing strategies that are as innovative as they are effective. He combines knowledge of Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics and CRM with business thinking like Lean Startup and Agile to weave tech and business together in a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

John calls himself a ‘technology evangelist’ because he really believes that technology can be a powerful force emancipating the human spirit from the drudgery of the rat race.
John has run his own businesses in IT since 2000 and has been the IT support guy, created websites, developed Internet marketing strategies and even made conference exhibition stands with fingerprint recognition.
Over the years of working in these diverse industries, he has slowly uncovered his true love, which is teaching. He truly believes that running your own business is the best way for you to reclaim control of your life, and the best way that he can help you to do that is to teach you how you can use the awesome power of the Internet to put your message “out there” in predictable, measurable ways, and then build systems to keep the business rolling in.
Facilitating the training with Mavaric, implementing Majestic and Making Magic on Google, represent a quantum leap in John’s vision of “entrepreneurs empowered though technology”


Mukami Mutiga 

More than simply managing digital projects, Mukami’s expertise extend into the strategic direction of her clients’ businesses. She is constantly challenging her own – and their – creativity to generate and support relevant, original and impactful digital ideas and solutions for the overall growth of the business. Working closely with the business owner and the rest of the digital team, she designs systems that unite the employees and service providers, such as website designers, social media and Ad managers, to streamline and harmonise the full range of digital properties. This ensures that these projects are executed seamlessly,  delivering optimum results through constant monitoring and optimisation.
As the keeper of the timeline, She makes sure that the entire digital team and their projects are on track, maintaining focus on the resources that matter most to the business. Mukami takes a 360 degree approach to engaging people and driving action. She focuses her digital creative Strategies on effective digital marketing which means focusing less on communication of products and more on audience engagement, less product campaigns and more sustainable commitment to two-way relationships. Less interruption, more useful, entertaining and memorable experiences that drive action.