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Process Plant Engineer - Hotazel, Northern Cape - Job ID 3869 Permanent
RQ00003869 Status: OpenLocation:Hotazel, Northern CapeConsultant: MoniqueR
Factory Engineer - Firgrove, Somerset West - Job ID 3878 Permanent
RQ00003878 Status: OpenLocation:Firgrove, Somerset WestConsultant: MirandiH
Diesel Control Administrator - Pretoria North, Gauteng - Job ID 3875Permanent
RQ00003875 Status: OpenLocation:Pretoria NorthConsultant: AnnalieN
Human Resource Manager - Western Cape - Job ID 3782Permanent
RQ00003782 Status: OpenLocation:Western CapeConsultant: ChrisstellH
Business Unit/ Branch Manager (Ship Chandling) - Northern Mozambique - Job ID 3837 Permanent
RQ00003837 Status: OpenLocation:Northern Mozambique Consultant: AnnalieN
Lead Process Engineer - Pretoria, Gauteng - Job ID 3876 Permanent
RQ00003876 Status: OpenLocation:Pretoria, GautengConsultant: AllanR
Accountant - Durbanville, Western Cape - Job ID 3877 Permanent
RQ00003877 Status: OpenLocation:Durbanville, Western Cape Consultant: RohanA
Logistics Call Centre Agent - Northern Pretoria, Gauteng - Job ID 3872 Contract
RQ00003872 Status: OpenLocation:Northern PretoriaConsultant: AnnalieN
Lifting Machinery Inspector (LMI), Contract Position - Morningside, Johannesburg - Job ID 3832 Contract
RQ00003832 Status: OpenLocation:Morningside, Johannesburg Consultant: MicheleV
Executive Personal Assistant - Silverlakes, Pretoria - Job ID 3874 Permanent
RQ00003874 Status: OpenLocation:Silverlakes, PretoriaConsultant: AnnalieN
Maintenance Technician, Manufacturing (Mechanical/Electrical) - Netherlands - Job ID 3820Permanent
RQ00003820 Status: OpenLocation:The NetherlandsConsultant: MicheleV
Estimator/Quantity Surveyor - Mossel Bay, Western Cape - Job ID 3838Permanent
RQ00003838 Status: OpenLocation:Mossel Bay, Western CapeConsultant: MicheleV
Sales Engineer - Cape Town, Western Cape - Job ID 3871Permanent
RQ00003871 Status: OpenLocation:Cape Town, Western CapeConsultant: AnnG
Sales Engineer - Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal - Job ID 3870 Permanent
RQ00003870 Status: OpenLocation:Pinetown NatalConsultant: AnnG
Technical Support Technician - After Hours - Somerset-West, Western Cape - Ref:1089958-14
RQ00000100 Status: OpenLocation:Somerset-West, Western CapeConsultant: LezanneD
General Manager - Windhoek, Namibia - Job ID 3865 Permanent
RQ00003865 Status: OpenLocation:Windhoek, Namibia Consultant: MirandiH
Regional Sales Executive - Cape Town - Job ID 3863Permanent
RQ00003863 Status: OpenLocation:Cape Town, Western CapeConsultant: AllanR
Boiler Specialist - Midrand, Gauteng - Job ID 3862 Permanent
RQ00003862 Status: OpenLocation:Midrand, GautengConsultant: AnnG
Regional Sales Executive - Johannesburg - Job ID 3861Permanent
RQ00003861 Status: OpenLocation:Johannesburg, GautengConsultant: AllanR
Senior Electronic Engineer - KwaZulu Natal - Job ID 3859 Permanent
RQ00003859 Status: OpenLocation:KwaZulu NatalConsultant: AllanR
Senior Buyer - Kempton Park, Gauteng - Job ID 3845 Permanent
RQ00003845 Status: OpenLocation:Kempton Park, GautengConsultant: MoniqueR
Management Accountant - KwaZulu Natal - Job-3857 Permanent
RQ00003857 Status: OpenLocation:KwaZulu NatalConsultant: AllanR
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Product Manager) - KwaZulu Natal - Job ID 3858 Permanent
RQ00003858 Status: OpenLocation:KwaZulu NatalConsultant: AllanR
Electronics Engineering Product Manager - KwaZulu Natal - Job ID 3853Permanent
RQ00003853 Status: OpenLocation:KwaZulu NatalConsultant: AllanR
Field Technician - KwaZulu Natal - Job ID 3854Contract
RQ00003854 Status: OpenLocation:KwaZulu NatalConsultant: AllanR
Junior Draughtsman - Springs, Gauteng - Job ID 3844Permanent
RQ00003844 Status: OpenLocation:Springs, GautengConsultant: AllanR
Factory Production Manager (Sugar) - Tanzania - Job-3846 Contract
RQ00003846 Status: OpenLocation:TanzaniaConsultant: MicheleV
Fleet Controller x 2 - Pretoria North, Gauteng - Job ID 3841 Permanent
RQ00003841 Status: OpenLocation:Pretoria North, GautengConsultant: AnnalieN
Senior Fleet Controller - Pretoria North, Gauteng - Job ID 3840 Permanent
RQ00003840 Status: OpenLocation:Pretoria North, GuatengConsultant: AnnalieN
Senior Welding Inspector, Contract Position - Morningside, Johannesburg - Job ID 3830Contract
RQ00003830 Status: OpenLocation:Consultant: MicheleV
Chief Financial Officer - Midrand, Gauteng - Job ID 3833 Permanent
RQ00003833 Status: OpenLocation:Midrand, South AfricaConsultant: DeedreR
Management Accountant - Johannesburg, Gauteng - Job ID 3813Permanent
RQ00003813 Status: OpenLocation:Johannesburg, GautengConsultant: MoniqueR
HSE Fire Safety Inspector, Contract Position - Morningside, Johannesburg - Job ID 3831Contract
RQ00003831 Status: OpenLocation:Morningside, JohannesburgConsultant: RohanA
Project Manager - Midrand, Gauteng - Job ID 3836Contract
RQ00003836 Status: OpenLocation:Midrand, GautengConsultant: AnnG
Financial Director - Somerset-West, Western Cape - Job ID 3835 Permanent
RQ00003835 Status: OpenLocation:Somerset-West, Western CapeConsultant: LezanneD
Production Engineer - Somerset-West, Western Cape - Job ID 3825 Permanent
RQ00003825 Status: OpenLocation:Somerset-West, Western CapeConsultant: MirandiH
Project and Data Pack Administrator - Somerset-West, Western Cape - Job ID 3826 Permanent
RQ00003826 Status: OpenLocation:Somerset-West, Western CapeConsultant: LezanneD
Data Analyst - Spartan, Kempton Park - Job ID 3823Permanent
RQ00003823 Status: OpenLocation:Spartan, Kempton Park Consultant: AnnalieN
Quality Control Manager, Corrosion Protection - Durban, KwaZulu Natal - Job ID 3818 Permanent
RQ00003818 Status: OpenLocation:Durban, KwaZulu NatalConsultant: MicheleV
External Sales Rep - Strand, Western Cape - Job ID 3814 Permanent
RQ00003814 Status: OpenLocation:StrandConsultant: LezanneD
Production Technician - Pinelands, Cape Town - Job ID 3806 Permanent
RQ00003806 Status: OpenLocation:Pinelands, Cape Town Consultant: AnnalieN
Mechanical Design Engineer - Woodmead, Johannesburg - Job ID 3804 Permanent
RQ00003804 Status: OpenLocation:Woodmead, JohannesburgConsultant: DeedreR
Operations Manager - Zambia & Zimbabwe - Job ID 3802Permanent
RQ00003802 Status: OpenLocation:Zambia & ZimbabweConsultant: AnnG
Quality Technician - Gqeberha - Ref: 1114236-20Permanent
RQ00001768 Status: OpenLocation:Gqeberha, Eastern CapeConsultant: MoniqueR
Project Planner (Mining) - Rustenburg, Gauteng - Job ID 3801
RQ00003801 Status: OpenLocation:Rustenburg, GautengConsultant: DeedreR
Maintenance Planner (Underground Mechanised Mining) - Gauteng - Job ID 3800
RQ00003800 Status: OpenLocation:GautengConsultant: DeedreR
Project Engineer - Cape Town, Western Cape - Job ID 3799 Permanent
RQ00003799 Status: OpenLocation:Cape TownConsultant: MicheleV
Project Engineer- West Rand, Gauteng - Job ID 3787 Permanent
RQ00003787 Status: OpenLocation:Maraisburg West Rand, GautengConsultant: AnnalieN
Team Leader - West Rand, Gauteng - Job ID 3788 Permanent
RQ00003788 Status: OpenLocation:Consultant: AnnalieN
Junior Configuration Engineer - Stellenbosch, Western Cape - Job ID 3768Permanent
RQ00003768 Status: OpenLocation:Stellenbosch, Western CapeConsultant: MirandiH
Sales Representative - Ceramic Coatings, Job ID 3637Permanent
RQ00003637 Status: OpenLocation:Johannesburg, GautengConsultant: CarynD
Technical Sales Rep, Corrosion Protection Project Sales - Cape Town - Job ID 3716Permanent
RQ00003716 Status: OpenLocation:Cape Town, Western CapeConsultant: MicheleV
Draughtsman - Kempton Park, Gauteng - Job-3762 Permanent
RQ00003762 Status: OpenLocation:Consultant: AnnalieN
Virtual Recruitment Enshrine Agent - Virtual (South Africa) - Job-3767 Permanent
RQ00003767 Status: OpenLocation:Virtual (South Africa)Consultant: CarynD
Product Specialist, Lube Systems - Gauteng - Job ID 3622Permanent
RQ00003622 Status: OpenLocation:GautengConsultant: AnnG
Product Specialist Light Material Handling - Job ID 3620Permanent
RQ00003620 Status: OpenLocation:Gauteng and MpumalangaConsultant: AnnG
Product Specialist - Heavy Duty, Gauteng - Job ID 3653Permanent
RQ00003653 Status: OpenLocation:Gauteng, South AfricaConsultant: AnnG
Product Manager (Belting) - Gauteng/Mpumalanga - Job ID 3617Permanent
RQ00003617 Status: OpenLocation:Gauteng & MpumalangaConsultant: AnnG
Gearbox Applications Engineer - Gauteng - Job ID 3631Permanent
RQ00003631 Status: OpenLocation:Gauteng Consultant: MoniqueR
Project Engineer, Hydraulics - Gauteng - Job ID 3624Permanent
RQ00003624 Status: OpenLocation:Gauteng Consultant: AnnG
Internal Sales Support, Gears - Gauteng - Job ID 3610Permanent
RQ00003610 Status: OpenLocation:GautengConsultant: MoniqueR
Internal Sales Representative - Gauteng - Job ID 3748 Permanent
RQ00003748 Status: OpenLocation:GautengConsultant: AnnG
External Sales Representative - Gauteng - Job ID 3749 Permanent
RQ00003749 Status: OpenLocation:GautengConsultant: AnnG
Project Engineer - Bedfordview, Gauteng - Job ID 3757 Permanent
RQ00003757 Status: OpenLocation:Bedfordview, GautengConsultant: DeedreR
Draughtsman, Mechanical - Cape Town, 1215690-1Permanent
RQ00001426 Status: OpenLocation:Cape Town, Western CapeConsultant: CarynD
Technical Applications Manager, Bedfordview, Gauteng, Job-3760 Permanent
RQ00003760 Status: OpenLocation:Bedfordview, GautengConsultant: DeedreR
Production Manager - Bedfordview, Gauteng - Job ID 3756
RQ00003756 Status: OpenLocation:Bedfordview, Gauteng Consultant: DeedreR
Product Designer - Olifantsfontein, Gauteng - Job ID 3750 Permanent
RQ00003750 Status: OpenLocation:Olifantsfontein, GautengConsultant: AnnalieN
Process Engineer, Chemical Engineering - Rivonia - Job ID 3725 Permanent
RQ00003725 Status: OpenLocation:Rivonia Johannesburg, GautengConsultant: LezanneD
Senior Draughtsman - Johannesburg - Job ID 3737 Permanent
RQ00003737 Status: OpenLocation:Johannesburg, GautengConsultant: AnnG
Projects Manager - Rivonia - Job ID 3724 Permanent
RQ00003724 Status: OpenLocation:Rivonia Johannesburg, GautengConsultant: LezanneD
Valve Technical Sales Specialist - Richards Bay - Job-3719Permanent
RQ00003719 Status: OpenLocation:Richards BayConsultant: ChrisstellH
Technical Sales Representative - Richards Bay - Job-3720Permanent
RQ00003720 Status: OpenLocation:Richards BayConsultant: ChrisstellH
Jnr Mechanical Draughtsman - Westville, KZN - Ref 1110444-9Permanent
RQ00002310 Status: OpenLocation:Westville, KZNConsultant: MoniqueR
Self-employed mining & minerals processing professionalsContract
RQ00003643 Status: OpenLocation:Consultant: CarynD