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Legal Services

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Enshrine Placements continue to expand our service offerings to you. I have the great pleasure to introduce to you our new collaboration partner,
Marika Scott  (LLB, BLC Legal; Senior Legal Advisor) CEO and founder of Legal Empire PTY Ltd.

Legal Empire

Legal Empire combines the most proficient legal services with cutting-edge innovative technology to deliver the best possible legal advice to their clients and eliminating fraud, corruption and loss of legal documents, saving time and costs. Having developed said technology with the involvement of Advocates, Attorneys and Judges as a mastermind technology. This technology is on par with International standards of service and delivered in a faster, more cost-effective manner than ever before. This system replaces the services of a traditional clerk, all legal documentation is saved in a fraud-proof virtual cloud which can be viewed simultaneously by relevant parties from anywhere in the world, keeping you up to date on the most recent status of your legal matters and your attorney’s progress. Confidentiality is adhered to at all times and only the relevant parties have access to view the relevant documentation, saving you exorbitant legal fees. The service also includes a panel of Attorneys that await to solve your legal problems. Access to Justice is acquired and said technology is sanctioned by the Department of Justice and the Law Society.

For more information or to subscribe to this exciting new technology email Marika directly marika@enshrine.co.za.

All Attorneys on the panel subscribe to this technology. That is why Legal Empire is tomorrow’s company, today!