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The Enshrine Learning Academy: Learning Calendar 2019

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What do you want from 2019? Are you …
– ready to stop procrastinating and start acting?
– tired of your reality not keeping up with the vision of your life?
– ready to set yourself up for your best year ever?
Signup now for kick start 2019, a webinar facilitated by sought after speaker, facilitator & coach Usha Maharaj CA(SA), that is guaranteed to leave you energised, focused, inspired and motivated to kick start your best year ever.
2 Ann Baret How to build the highest performing cultures through the science of motivation 19-Mar-19

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Imagine the impact of a culture that has been systematically designed to maximise the performance of every person at every level. High-performing cultures cant be left to chance: organisations must create systems that shape and maintain them. Great organisations inspire the three most powerful motives for work – play, purpose and potential – and eliminate the three most destructive – emotional pressure, economic pressure and inertia. Great cultures fuel total motivation, and total motivation fuels performance, i.e. tactical performance ( the ability to execute against a plan) and adaptive performance ) ability to diverge from a plan). How do you change a culture that is in trouble?
3 Belinda Doveston Agile Leadership 17-Apr-19 Agility is a buzzword, it truly is. Yet it’s also a fantastic descriptor of what it means to ride the wave of change we face and seize the incredible opportunities to make a real difference. Agility describes our ability to have strength and fitness to make magic in tumultuous times. To cultivate agility, we also need flexibility and balance and deeply-held habits that keep us focused on where we need to get to.
Yet are we really equipped as leaders to understand how to apply agile thinking into our strategies and leadership approaches? Are we truly ready for the dynamic and game-changing challenges we face in an ever-accelerating business landscape? This webinar unbottles the secret sauce: building an agile strategy and an inspired leadership team that is equipped for change and ready to execute on that magic impeccably.
4 Usha Maharaj Dealing with change 15-May-19 Dealing with change – how your profile impacts how you deal with change
5 Ann Baret Leading with cultural intelligence 19-Jun-19 Leadership today is a multicultural challenge. We’re competing in a global marketplace, managing a diverse workforce, and trying to keep up with rapidly shifting trends. What are the biggest hindrances to reaching  your goals personally and professionally? How do you effectively lead culturally diverse teams? What kind of cultural situations bring you the greatest level of fatigue? These are the kinds of questions that will be answered by developing your cultural intelligence.
6 Usha Maharaj IQ to EQ – An Evolution in Intelligence 17-Jul-19
7 Usha, Belinda, Ann 21-Aug-19
8 Ann Baret What underpins brave leadership 18-Sep-19 What, if anything, about the way people are leading today, needs to change in order for leaders to be successful in a complex, rapidly changing environment where we are faced with seemingly intractable challenges and an insatiable demand for innovation? The answer across interviews is ” We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures” . Some of the behaviors and cultural issues identified as getting in the way of leadership are, avoidance of tough conversations, lack of trust, perfectionism and fear, gauzy organisational values, etc. This webinar deals with specific courage-building skill sets that people need to address these problems
9 Usha Maharaj Contribution Compass in Coaching 16-Oct-19
10 Ann Baret Transforming organisations; why firms fail 20-Nov-19 The amount of of significant, often traumatic, change in organisations has grown tremendously over the past two decades. To date, major change efforts have helped some organisations adapt significantly to shifting conditions, have improved the competitive standing of others. But in too many situations the improvements have been disappointing. To some degree, the downside of change is inevitable. Whenever human communities are forced to adjust to shifting conditions, pain is ever present. The methods used in successful transformation are based on one fundamental insight: major change will not happen easily for a long list of reasons. To be effective, a method designed to alter strategies, re-engineer processes, or improve quality must address these barriers and address them well. This process has eight stages, each of which is associated with one of the eight fundamental errors that undermine transformation efforts.