SHEQ Specialist for Smelter/Refinery Environment – Germiston – Ref: 1204104-1


Ref: 1204104-1

Job Description:

We are currently looking for a SHEQ Specialist to ensure legal and statutory compliance and to ensure that the company becomes the benchmarking organization with regards to its Safety and Health practices. This position will be on a permanent contract basis.

Preference will be given to EE candidates with a tertiary qualification and/or relevant certifications in the field of SHEQ Management.

Position details:

Primary purpose: The primary function of this role would be to establish systems and ensure legal and statutory compliance that would ensure that the company becomes the benchmarking organisation with regards to its safety and health practices.

Decision making: The incumbent can make decisions that are made through analysis of best processes; they follow a routine, systematic or system to get the job done.

Diversity of work: Carries out the specialist role, technical first level management responsibilities within the department or discipline. There are aspects that the candidate must know in order to make an informed decision.

Types of communication: The incumbent is expected to talk to employees from operations, advice management of statutory and legal compliance issues with regards to health and safety management issues. Further, the incumbent is expected to advise SHE manager and Executive Head: Compliance of any issues of concern with the view of strengthening relationships and outputs. Besides internal stakeholders, the incumbent will communicate with service providers, customers and contractors through organised sessions. The incumbent will communicate detailed information via monthly reports and write special notes to senior management via direct line manager.

Levels of authority:

  1. Financial impact – Coordinate business processes, activities and policies within the company’s Health and Safety Management (R5 million) to avoid legal non-conformances and litigation. Conducting audits, specialist studies, focussing on corrective actions and incidents corrective actions (R3 million).
  2. People (how many employees the position manages) – Two direct and 47 indirect (SHE reps, first aiders and fire fighters)
  3. Business process – The position operates in all the company’s sections and external service providers as the coordinating function and ensures that the Health and Safety standards are adhered to.
  4. Other – All other health and safety regulations and other practices. The candidate is expected to do audit if possible with clients to confirm reputation of people the company deals with.


  1. External customers – DQS, contractors, legal and regulatory authorities and service providers.
  2. Internal customers – Business Units: Smelter, refinery and fabrication; security, finance, legal compliance, engineering, human resources and compliance.

Key performance areas and indicators:

1. Compliance to Health and Safety Practices

  • Ensure that all equipment guards, procedures developed, safety practices known, SHEQ policy communicated and all document/records are saved in Document Management System.
  • Work with Occupational Medical Practitioner in implementing a proper medical surveillance program and taking remedial action.
  • Assist in conducting incident investigations, derive learning points and ensure that the intelligence is maintained to prevent reoccurrences.
  • Ensure that the Belief-in-Safety practices are being kept and implemented,
  • Ensure that the statutory training has been defined, followed and tracked,
  • Prepare documents for weekly topics on health and safety topics.
  • Conduct regular audits with the view of ensuring Safety and Health compliance for all sections.
  • Ensure there is enough notice boards for communication.
  • Confirm that all chemicals used have MSDSs.
  • All competent associates are appointed in writing

2. Statutory and competency Training

  • Ensure that statutory training has been identified.
  • Test for competency and ensure skills transfer is adequate.
  • Ensure that training of emergency team is done and tested
  • Ensure that first aiders are trained and safety equipment made available.
  • The use of PPE or emergency equipment is properly defined.
  • Review paper work of onsite induction process and induction video and communicate accordingly for rectification

3. Customer centricity (internal)

  • Enable General Managers in ensuring that their duties are properly discharged.
  • Ensure that all business incidents are timeously investigated and closed in CURA – relating primarily to health and safety.
  • Promote culture of near misses and report to line management.
  • Ensure that customer complaints and learnings are communicated to the compliance team and company management.
  • Ensure that all documentation is timeously shared to clients.

4. Internal and External Audits

  • Conduct monthly audits at the plant to test emergency preparedness equipment
  • Together with SHE manager, co-ordinate DQS audits, SHE legal compliance audits and during verifying corrective actions.
  • Engage with proper service providers and ensure that solutions are offered.
  • Coordinate with DoL or any other issues that could be raised or picked as results of operational requirements or employee concerns at the company.
  • Initiate and conduct audits to position the section with new changes in international standards that would drive delivery for the SHEQ.
  • Conduct audits to verify efficiency and effectiveness of equipment, systems, and processes as per legislative requirements.

5. Staff Management

  • Ensure that the direct staff is adequately trained and conversant with statutory requirements.
  • Ensure that all the SHE representatives, emergency team members, Hazardous Chemical Controllers and First Aiders are properly trained to discharge their duties.
  • Continuous review of competencies from direct and indirect staff to ensure compliance to support in case of emergency.

6. Knowledge Management

  • Enforce that all MoC (Management of Change) documents are uploaded in SharePoint.
  • Conducts awareness sessions and induction for new staff to know more about impacts of plant risks.
  • Assist to ensure that all key learning from incidents are embedded on the culture of operations.

7. Developing integrated Systems

  • Work with relevant consultants or service providers to minimize medical treatable injuries (MTI).
  • Develop system and integrate with best standards to ensure that the company would become and trend-setter with regards to health and safety challenges.
  • Attend meetings namely, Management Review – annual, Centralized Health and Safety Steering Committee – Quarterly, Statutory Training Committee – monthly, SHE representatives – monthly.
  • The main purpose of this role is to assist SHE Manager in running the Department by focusing on Safety and Health issues.
  • Ensure that there is proper engagement for internal and external stakeholders with regards to SHE matters within company and statutory requirements.
  • Work very close with business in ensuring safety as a lifestyle, ensure emergency preparedness program is followed, conducting routine and surveillance audits for all (including Major Hazardous Installations), ensure statutory training is properly established with Human Resources and testing engineering controls to avert harm to associates, contractors and/or neighbours.
  • To investigate incidents of certain risk ranking as per procedure, ensure baseline risk assessment is completed and salient point covered in company review.
  • The culture of Belief-in-Safety would be driven via this portfolio to ensure that it becomes a way of life.
  • To chair various sub-committees and engage with contractors in completing the safety file and many more.
  • Co-ordinate with service providers to ensure that PPE used is adequate for the types of risk that the business faces.
  • Is expected to co-ordinate projects on behalf of the SHE department.

 Location (country, city): Germiston, Gauteng

Job Qualification & Experience:

Education & relevant years job related experience:

  • Tertiary Qualification and 5-8 years’ experience in the relevant field OR +10 years’ experience with relevant certifications in the field of SHE Management. Management Qualification would be advantageous.
  • Well versed in the OHS Act 85 of 1993 latest revision implementation.
  • Understand Health and Safety best practices that would enable the company to improve SHE compliance as the enshrined in the policy document.

Dimensions, skills and knowledge:

  • Ability to convey information to internal and external stakeholders and persuade individuals to reach a desired outcome.
  • Have adequate technical or analytical skills to be able to interpret information with an aim of forming an informed decision.
  • Find solutions to challenges that do arise as result of operations, business processes or changes in legislations.
  • Negotiate with multiple stakeholders to ensure that message in clearly articulated and well conversed.
  • Interpret the OHA Act, LRA and other international standards that will ensure proper health and safety standards are upheld for best practices.
  • Conduct baseline risk assessment for Health and Safety issues to ensure that all risks are properly captured.
  • Have knowledge of audit and risk systems, know hazard identification, be skilled to train individuals as an assessor in order to educate employees and discern information.
  • Able to use CURA for incident management and share information accordingly.
  • Place orders on the SAP system and be able to negotiate for price reduction with external service providers with minimal intervention
  • Compile monthly reports, specialists reports, incident investigations, review of baseline risks assessments with the view .
  • Assist in maintaining OH BS 18001 accreditation and ensure there is enough opportunity to change towards ISO45001

Sufficient / in depth, knowledge of:

  • SAP
  • MS Office Package
  • PowerPoint
  • SharePoint and Pivot

Company Description:

Having been in operation for almost a century our client has grown from a local refiner to a globally recognised precious metals leader. They received global accreditation and international referee status.

They enjoy exceptional long-term loyalty from their people – their family; all with outstanding talent and immense experience.

This advert is being advertised in collaboration with our recruitment partner MCHIR.

SHEQ Specialist for Smelter/Refinery Environment – Germiston – Ref: 1204104-1

SHEQ Specialist

SHEQ Specialist 


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