Process Plant Operator, Wastewater Treatment – Must be based in Worcester Area or willing to relocate at own cost – Ref: 981728-31


Ref: 981728-31

Job Description:

We are currently looking for a Process Plant Operator that is based in the Worcester Area, to monitor the performance of the plant within a shift period, do the required water analysis, compile and issue relevant reports, adjust the parameters of the plant in order to achieve the required water quality and quantity and to attend to housekeeping duties.
The ideal candidate will be registered as a Class III Process Controller with three or more years of experience in water treatment and/or biogas plant operation along with a valid driver’s licence (code EB). Experience as a Lab Technician (sampling & analyses) and/or experience in anaerobic treatment technologies would be an advantage. Forklift license would also be an advantage.

Position details:
Type: Permanent
Reports to: Plant Supervisor.
Primary purpose: Monitor the performance of the plant within a shift period. Do the required water analysis, compile and issue relevant reports, adjust the parameters of the plant in order to achieve the required water quality and quantity and attend to housekeeping duties. Comply to safety procedures and guidlines (Occupational Health and Safety Act), strive to minimise the consumption of chemicals and electricity, liaise with the Plant Supervisor to implement specific instructions and report maintenance activities. Required to adjust the purification processes when test results indicate that the quality does not comply with the prescribed standards. Authorized to take action and enforce regulations when non-conformity or breach of OSHACT (Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993) and guidelines controlling the facility and machinery, or safe work practices is concerned. The post is required to ensure that the treatment plant is operating for such period as to keep up with the demand and water requirements with respect to optimal chemical and electricity usage.

Job description / core competencies:

  • Housekeeping
    • Maintain and clean buildings and equipment with cleaning materials (e.g. cleaning of Laboratory and Kitchen after use, process machinery, walkways).
    • Inspect and clean collection pumps and strainers with hand tools (e.g. removal of blockages, debris, plastics, rags and solids).
    • Inspect and clean process instrumentation (e.g. DO meter, TSS Meter, RAS meter, etc.)
    • Transfer and handle grit, debris and waste materials (e.g. from container, wheelie bin to skips).
    • Assist with first line maintenance and report other maintenance requirements (e.g. cleaning out of pumps, bulb replacement, window replacement, pipe fittings, seals).
    • Wash and hose down areas, equipment and tools with hose and scrubber (e.g. especially inlet work, dewatering and chemical make-up areas).
    • Chemical stacking and storage by hand as per safety consideration (e.g. assisting with offloading of chemical deliveries).
    • Chemical make-up when required to top up according to procedure and instruction (e.g. transfer of chemicals from storage, bag or polycan according/under instruction).
    • Storage of tools and equipment after use (e.g. rolls horse pipe and store in storage, put back tools at their rightful place, etc.)
  • Monitoring and reporting tasks (operational activities)
    • Monitor, maintain, record and up keep all plant and equipment registers (e.g. flow meter readings, chemical stock levels, pump hours, pump status, handheld and analytical instrument readings).
    • Maintain and up keep plant logbooks (e.g. inspecting equipment and recording noisy and vibrating equipment on log sheets, deliveries, breakdowns, event, duties, actions, changes, comments, visitors, incident register).
    • Report and/or transfer shift handover duties. Also attended or present site meetings as required (e.g. shift handover log, morning meeting, toolbox talk, monthly meeting).
    • Communicate on performance outcomes of lab results, suppliers and subcontractor with supervisor and or managers (e.g. daily report and discuss completed events, activities and tasks).
    • Record, monitor and interpret SCADA and control trends (e.g. telemetry, tank levels, level switches, pump status, control and actuated valves, etc.)
    • Upkeep and safekeeping of documentation related to SHEQ and management (e.g. chemical consumption, delivery notes, COA, verification and test reports).
  • SHE (Safety, Health, Environmental Activities) tasks
    • Maintain and safeguard PPE from damage and theft by using a locker (e.g. take care, look after and clean company PPE, report lost PPE).
    • Adhere to all SHE procedure in the company and legislation (e.g. evacuation drills, visitor inductions, DSTI’s, SOP, SWP, perform ad hoc observation, near misses and non-compliance forms).
    • Assist with incident investigation (e.g. witness testimony, were procedures was followed, including near misses).
    • Complete log out and tag out for certified tasks (e.g. chlorination area, confined space, working at heights, etc.)
    • Inspect tools, report missing tools and defects (e.g. weekly or before use).
    • Report any hazard or spill that will effect safety of employees and community (e.g. incident or event).
    • Report incidents as per procedure (e.g. theft, vehicles, injuries).
    • Report all first aid and record all incidents on register (e.g. weekly or per event).
  • Quality tasks
    • Conduct bench scale and lab testing according to procedure and quality standards (e.g. jar testing, pH, conductivity, TTF, TSS, COD, ammonia, nitrates, etc.)
    • Conduct and maintain all quality equipment and registers according to the latest editions of potable water SANS and/or license condition and or general authorisations (e.g. daily verification of handheld meters, reagent stock, chemical stock, etc.)
    • Attend to resampling of failures or public complaints (e.g. analyse the internal sample, submit and collect samples from client and report to supervisor).
    • Calculate chemical dosing, consumption rates, plant losses. Compare and evaluate results with plant operating philosophies. Report daily on a WhatsApp group and email.
    • Verify chemical quality, quality and inspection before use (e.g. stock taking, initiate procurement, delivery and chemical makeup).
    • Execute or partake with audits, new test and report plant status to supervisor and or management and or DWS (e.g. audits, gas testing and trials runs).
  • Plant controlling tasks
    • Adjust plant HMI and SCADA according to SOP & SWP (i.e. chemical plant make-up, SST/SSD, RO, etc.)
    • Manage and adjust plant flow based on demand (e.g. flow vs demand, RAS/WAS, dosing rate, etc.)
    • Operate control centre as per procedure (e.g. monitor SCADA, tanks levels, report on alarms or failure).
    • Make process decisions for optimal function of all unit process and equipment (e.g. manual vs automated, pump selection, source selection).
    • Report/record deviation with respect to performance indicators, plant targets and set points (logbook).
  • Maintenance tasks
    • Report power failures, breakdowns and noise of equipment (e.g. Eskom / Municipality).
    • Execute household first line maintenance as instructed by supervisor and management (e.g. household jobs, smaller spare parts such as o-rings/seals, lubricating equipment).
  • General statement
    • The list of tasks or duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive, and the employer is entitled to instruct the employee at any time to carry out additional duties or responsibilities which fall reasonably within the ambit of the job.
    • Should a grievance be felt with regard to any instruction issued, representation may be made to supervision or higher authority by means of the grievance procedure, but in the first instance the instruction shall be obeyed.
  • Summary duties & responsibilities:
    • Coordinate, control and monitor all operational activities on the plant within a shift period.
    • Collect samples and complete analyses in the site laboratory as per the prescribed monitoring programme.
    • Report preventative & corrective maintenance on plant equipment as encountered.
    • Monitor and control plant operations via the plant SCADA system.
    • Perform manual operations and process interventions as per the prescribed operating procedures.
    • Accurate record-keeping of plant interventions and activities for future reference, including log sheets, incident and shift reports.
    • Adhere to safety procedures and guidelines aligned with the Occupational Health & Safety Act as well as site specific method statements, risk assessments & SHE protocol.
    • Adhere to established policies and procedures and make recommendations for changes and improvement.
    • Identify ways to improve efficiency and plant operation cost effectiveness.
    • Respond appropriately and decisively during plant emergencies.
    • Carry out specific tasks & instructions as directed by the Plant Supervisor.
    • Assist with coordination of activities of third-party contractors to minimize disruption of plant processes.
    • Ensure total confidentiality of all information, internal and external.
  • Physical requirement/special conditions attached to the post
    • Perform all duties to the latest ISO 9001 Quality Standard requirements.
    • The incumbent to be physically and mentally fit to perform tasks effectively.
    • Good health to work with water and wastewater.
    • Required to work in all weather conditions.
    • Required to work outside normal working hours.
    • Required to work shifts.
    • Must be prepared to enter confined areas, manholes, inlets, pipes.
    • Working with aggressive and hazardous chemicals (e.g. ferric, hypo-chlorite, caustic soda, etc.)

Location (country, city): Worcester, Western Cape

Job Qualification & Experience:

NQF level 4 qualification (Matric) and registration as a Class III Process Controller.
Three or more years of experience in water treatment and/or biogas plant operation.

Valid driver’s licence (code EB).
Experience as a Lab Technician (sampling & analyses) would be an advantage.
Experience in anaerobic treatment technologies would be an advantage.
Forklift license would be an advantage.

Required to work outside normal working hours, shifts, during emergencies and planned overtime.
Required to work in all weather conditions.
Be responsible, reliable and work independently.
Good problem-solving abilities.
Good communication and organizational skills.
Computer literacy.

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Process Plant Operator, Wastewater Treatment – Must be based in Worcester Area or willing to relocate at own cost – Ref: 981728-31


Process Plant Operator

Process Plant Operator

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