Junior Project Planner – Kempton Park, Gauteng – Ref: 1203937-9


Ref: 1203937-9

Job Description:

We are currently looking for Junior Planner to work together with the Project Managers, Head of Operations and Subcontractor manager to ensure the required project deadlines are met with all assemblies/items accounted for and all completed to the correct client schedule requirements.

Requirements: Certificate in project planning desirable; Grade 12; driver’s license Code 8; proficient in MS Office, and MS Projects; practical experience; approximately 3 years’ experience in the fabrication of structural steel work, tanks and chutes; painting and galvanizing; ceramic lining and rubber lining.

Position details:
Type: Permanent
Reports to: Project Manager
Key relationships, within the company: Management Team / Expeditors / QC’s
Key relationships external to the company: Clients / Suppliers / Subcontractors

Job description / core competencies:

Project planning duties

  • Participate in the implementation of appropriate project management systems to ensure delivery of high-quality projects
    • Ensure document control via centralized system specified by the company
    • Annual review of project planning standards with Project Managers
  • Compile project programmes based on estimated durations obtained from Detailing, Procurement, CNC, Fabrication and Installation
    • SMART project programmes inclusive of all operational processes made available to management team within 7 days from the receipt of the baseline client schedule
  • Monitor progress against plans to meet the contractual requirements
    • Programmes are kept up to date with no more than two weeks between programme updates
  • Provide relevant project priorities to applicable stakeholders
    • Programmes are kept up to date with no more than two weeks between programme updates
    • Inform Project Managers, the Director and Head of Operations of changes to the programme and project plan
    • Conduct critical path analysis- and provide guidance to the team in the form of a weekly critical path report
    • Utilize Strumis to obtain progress updates for fabrication areas
    • Visit company workshop and fabrication sub-contractors regularly to verify progress information obtained from Strumis
    • Monitor and record delays attributable to client actions with the view to enable extension of time or other adjustments to time-related compensation for the duration of contract (T-account)
  • Provide relevant project priorities to applicable stakeholders
    • Interpret Client Key Dates / Contract Dates or New Business Delivery Commitments and develop realistic programs (with the input into these programs from the relevant Operational departments) with the aim that each operational department is working on the right thing at the right time
    • Participate in the process of identifying key priority project areas for Detailing, Procurement, CNC, Fabrication and Installation
    • Participate in the process of identification of key priority areas for fabrication sub-contractors
    • Highlight areas of concern to assist with effective allocation of resources to the highest impact tasks
  • Pro-Active Planning of project and resource workload (current, future and potential)
    • Maintain a timeline of current, future and potential project key dates for use in the Pro-Active Planning meeting
    • Integration of individually project program into overall company schedule with the view to forward pan what work needs to be completed in the next 2,2 and 4 weeks
    • Conduct and maintain a resource loading estimation for Detailing, Document Control, Procurement, CNC, Fabrication, Quality, External Dispatch and Installation departments in cooperation with departmental managers
  • Ensure customer requirements are met as stated in contracts
    • Liaise with operational personnel to align project planning with production planning
    • Communicate project planning status to clients
    • Ensure that service delivery is according to client requirements

Continuous improvement duties

  • Implement and monitor lasting solutions to solve problems.
    • Evidence of improvements through CI meetings
  • Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading technical publications.
    • Positive and proactive participation

Communication and meetings duties

  • Proactively participate in meetings:- Expediting meeting – weekly
    – Daily check in with Project Managers, Head of Operations and Subcontractor Manager
    – Production meeting – weekly
    – Pro-Active Planning meeting
    – Sub-Contractor Progress Meetings

    • Meetings planned 30 days in advance.
    • Meetings start on time and end on time.
    • Meetings are not to be skipped.
    • Accurate feedback & Proactive planning.
    • Preparation for meetings is essential
    • Action points are recorded from Meetings and shared with all stakeholders.
    • Contribute to the Production meeting by reporting progress information on projects to assist in clarifying priorities to achieve project delivery dates.
    • Contribute to the Expediting meeting to address the weekly priority items defined during the Production and Pro-Active Planning Meetings.

Location (country, city): Kempton Park, Gauteng

Job Qualification & Experience:

  • Proficient in MS Projects
  • Certificate in project planning desirable
  • Grade 12
  • Driver’s License Code 8
  • Proficient in MS Office, PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Intermediate to advanced MS projects knowledge
  • Practical Experience
  • Approximately 3 years’ experience in the fabrication of structural steel work, Tanks and Chutes.
  • Painting and Galvanizing.
  • Ceramic lining and Rubber lining.
  • Desired talents (competencies)
    • Planning / Organizing
    • Communication
    • Accountability
    • Teamwork

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Junior Planner – Kempton Park, Gauteng – Ref: 1203937-9

Junior Planner

Junior Project Planner


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