Interdependent Virtual Recruitment Consultant – Engineering & Technical – Ref: 323611


Interdependent Virtual Recruitment Consultant

Run your own recruitment portfolio under Enshrine Placements’ unique and growing brand; dictate your own hours, dictate your own earning power and work virtually from the comfort of your own home.  More time to manage and enjoy the ‘life’ part.

Are you a Recruitment Consultant who is goal driven, conscientious, service oriented, disciplined and creative?
Are you comfortable with technology?
Do you own a laptop, telephone and have internet access?
Are you a go-getter who delivers come rain or shine?
Are you self-motivated and passionate about finding the right match to the right opportunity?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above then this advert is for you.

Do you work for someone else?

If your answer is ‘yes’ – then this advert is definitely for you! 

“Run your own portfolio under the Enshrine umbrella and this is what you’ll get”

  • An established brand with a managed website and social media platforms.
  • Digital content and advertising management and support.
  • An existing and continuously expanding database of candidates and clients.
  • Access to an existing network of local and international recruitment partners.
  • The freedom to establish and manage your own Industry portfolios.
  • The liberty to access our virtual office when and from where you choose.
  • Dictate your own hours.
  • Set your own targets – work at your own pace and according to your needs.
  • High commissions.
  • Tagged leads – you may at times benefit without lifting a finger.
  • More time to manage and enjoy the ‘life’ part.

What you won’t get is: 

  • Having to meet incentives set by anyone other than yourself.
  • Having to meet targets set by anyone but yourself.
  • Having to fight traffic to work and back.
  • Clock-watching.
  • Being watched.
  • Receiving a basic salary.

Yes – no basic.  If you are one of the innovators who have their fingers on the pulse of trends, if you are a forward thinking risk-taker who can see an opportunity when it presents itself, then this will make absolute sense – because you believe in your ability to deliver – you believe in yourself.  This is about taking away the crutches and standing in your own power.

The successful incumbent:

You are an established Recruitment Consultant with a credible track record that values people and making a difference to people’ s lives. You are a specialist  in engineering and technical recruitment or have adequate experience in these disciplines and sectors.
Your own communication technology and internet access. Integrity –  trustworthy and you value transparency; service, quality and delivery oriented. A deep desire to be your own boss and make a difference to Industry.

You would like to spend more time consulting with clients and candidates and  less time on administration . You would like to earn what you are worth, with no limitations !

Country: South Africa

Location: Virtual

Company Description:

Enshrine Placements has established a virtual recruitment environment where you can get everything you need in terms of support and access to resources – without the hassle of building, running and managing your own enterprise. It is virtual – and virtually plug-and-play!

We have the capacity to accommodate Virtual Recruitment Consultants and Enshrine Agents working remotely from any location. Our platform is capable of handling volumes which is in keeping with our vision to furnish large projects with multiple skills. Our model incorporates the best of hands-on headhunting and conventional recruitment, and the best that modern technology can offer in terms of back-office administration and social media marketing.  An extensive and growing (living) database of candidates and clients, a communication system of pre-designed communications, intellectual and creative capital invested in established content and database management infrastructure.

Time to Enshrine yourself?Virtual Recruitment Consultant - Enshrine Yourself

If so, we look forward to inviting you into our umbrella and partnering you in the process of liberating and empowering your recruitment career.

Perhaps you’re ready to stretch your income and your wings? Perhaps you’re a work-from-home mum and would like to create some subsistence while still happily managing your role as mother? Perhaps you simply see how obvious it is to work inside a model like ours rather than for an employer who siphons away the bulk of the income you generate? The commissions are high, but have not been included here because we want you to be sold on the model – and not on the significant profit you can achieve. If you are interested we would love to hear from you so that we can take the next steps toward liberating your career as a Recruitment Professional.