General Manager IAF, Edenvale – Johannesburg – Ref: 716897-9


Ref: 716897-9

Job Description:

Our client currently has an opportunity for a General Manager that has vision, is a strategic thinker and has technical aptitude to be responsible for developing objectives, policies and programs for sales and marketing activities of the IAF product group across the African continent.

The successful incumbent will hold a technical or business qualification together with 10 years’ experience in a similar role.

Position details:

Plan, direct and co-ordinate the efforts of the IAF sales, aftermarket and project teams towards the accomplishment of the company objectives.
Maintain and constantly strive to improve the organisation’s competitive position in all markets served by the company.

Leadership and strategy.
Participate in setting company’s short, medium and long term strategies and objectives.
Participate as a member of the executive management team in the development and successful execution of business strategies.
Align division’s objectives with business requirements and ensure all department heads are fully informed and engaged.
Facilitate alignment and cooperation with all other business units and support groups (Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Operations & Engine).
Coordinate the sales plan and related best practices to align with global programs for the company.
Measure and report on results.

Divisional activities
Lead the division’s efforts to the highest standards of performance and results with regards to growth and expansion.
Maintain and grow existing business in all key markets.
Maintain relationships with distributor network and manage incentive structures whilst optimising distributor image and related growth targets.
Maintain distribution channels to existing customer base and develop distribution channels to new customer base, across the African continent.
Set operational and / or performance goals for each department which are achievable and tied to long-term corporate goals.
Plan and implement strategies for new markets and / or products.
Develop supporting processes for sales and marketing, (e.g. IT systems, CRM, knowledge management).
Develop supporting processes for market knowledge capture and sharing.
Develop and implement marketing strategies.
Approve and align the division’s promotional activities, including advertising.
Implement and measure continuous improvement practices.
Identify key operational performance measures and ensure that the division is able to monitor key metrics at the business unit and corporate levels.
Implement business controls and sign off within limits of authority.
Assist with forecasting of finished goods requirements.
Assist operations with inventory management and stock requirements.
Coordinate and ensure correct implementation of pricing policy (includes inflation, forex variances, competitor activity, etc.)
Identify customer needs with respect to products, quality and services. Liaise with manufacturing resources to ensure that we consistently meet customers’ needs.
Set customer service levels and monitor achievement thereof.

Divisional resources
Effective management and alignment of all staff to ensure structures support business requirements and objectives.
Assist in the building of effective teams and personnel incorporating both development and succession plans (includes training internally/externally).
Develop and manage systems to retain, share and transmit proprietary technological knowledge and industry experience.
Ensure effective levels of communication within the division.
Management of sub-ordinates.
Officer duties and responsibilities
As a senior manager of the company an awareness of duties or related responsibilities inclusive of fiduciary duty, conflict of interests, duty of care and skill, statutory duties are expected to be executed by an Officer of the company.

Key performance areas
Leadership & strategy.
Divisional activity planning, management and development.
Divisional resource planning, management and development.
Insights and understanding of duties and responsibilities regarding various compliance and statutory requirements such as, but not limited to: King III, The Companies Act, GAAP & SOX.

Country: South Africa
Location: Edenvale – Johannesburg

Job Qualification & Experience:

Relevant technical / business qualifications, together with necessary technical aptitude.
Relevant sales and industry experience.
Ability to think laterally, develop and implement strategies.
Financial knowledge and related skills.
Ability to deal with multiple scenarios simultaneously.
Proven track record (i.e. results driven).
Willingness and ability for travel as required (local, Africa & international).
Demonstrated capability to execute strategy in complex, shifting environments.
Excellent organizational development and management skills (proven), including process design and supervision.
Excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation and leadership skills.
Demonstrated capability to operate with cultural sensitivity in both local and international environments.
Minimum 10 years of experience, with at least 5 years in a comparable position.
In-depth knowledge of filtration within key market segments, i.e. heavy duty automotive, mining, agriculture, industrial and petrochemical, on local and international level with exposure to the other market segments.
Knowledge of legislative and regulatory environment applicable to the company (King III, Companies act, OHS act, labour legislations, etc.)

Character traits
Consummate team player.
A visionary and strategic thinker with technical aptitude.
Ability to align and motivate people around the achievement of goals.
Role model for entire organization.
High degree of flexibility, with a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit to accommodate high responsibility and shifting priorities.
High attention to detail with low tolerance for unmet expectations.
Willingness to do what it takes to get the job done to a high standard.
Manages stressful situations with ease and maintains a good sense of humour.

Company Description:

Our client has a proven reputation for performance, quality, innovation, safety and integrity. They are at the forefront of technological advancement through ongoing research and development and continuous interaction with international research institutions.

This advert is being advertised in collaboration with our recruitment partner MCHIR.

General Manager IAF, Edenvale – Johannesburg – Ref: 716897-9

General Manager IAF

General Manager IAF


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