General Manager – Australia, Perth Area – Ref: 717987-14


Ref: 717987-14

Job Description:

High-energy, action-orientated, inspirational leader required to shake up the status quo in the mining and civil sectors in Australia. Strategically-driven by technological innovation, safety and mechanisation.

South Africa’s designer, manufacturer and mining contractor has recently expanded their global footprint into Australia. Engineering facilities and offices based in 20 other countries including Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Asia.

Align this high profile global company, with an annual revenue of over 100 USD million, to become a visible leader in Australia. As the subject authority you would be driving this new startup office in Perth, implement and execute business plans to optimise the groups profits, growth and long term sustainability. Secure new marketing and sales avenues, activate revenue opportunities and be part of the bigger dream of creating a non-blasting environment.

Position details:

To ensure that the business plan translates into operation plans for relevant business and per business/site and that it is effectively executed. To manage and lead subordinates in order for them to achieve their KPAs and established standards ensuring optimised company growth.

Development and Implementation of Business Plan
Implement the business plan and direct the organisation’s activities to achieve stated/agreed targets and standards for financial and trading performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence.
Ensure that the required business growth targets in terms of turnover and GP are set and achieved.
Manage achievement of targets for each function in company that is in line with the strategy of the company and give direction for the different functions. Manage performance of subordinates of different pillars of the business.
Maintain and develop a desired organisational culture, values and reputation in the markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies that are supportive of the vision and strategy of the business.
Ensure that there is an internal audit plan.

People Management
Use Performance Management System to hold employees accountable for delivery of agreed results.
Communicate planned business targets to the team and collect the teams input to improve the business.
Ensure compliance to applicable laws and agreements.
Ensure that people are adequately trained and competent for their work.
Ensure optimal health and well-being of staff by monitoring sick leave and absenteeism and introducing interventions to minimise the amount of lost shifts.
Manage the payroll cost within the targets and ensure that there is appropriate governance and controls especially on variable cost.
Manage conflict and ensure that staff are optimally motivated and passionate about their work.
Recruit, select and develop team members.

Ensure operations are executed safely, on time, in budget and within the required quality standards.
Operational administration to be completed and available.
ITC systems optimally used and kept current at all times.
Prudently manages the organisation’s resources within budget guidelines and according to current laws and regulations.
Manage client relationships.
Ensure that there is compliance with the contract specifications as agreed to by the company and the client and that all commercial conditions support the strategy.
Ensure that for each site and contract there is a sound project plan and that there is adherence to miles stones and budgets.
Ensure that there is zero accidents and incidents at the operations and that employees work safely and follow SOPs.
Ensure that the risk factors are identified and mitigated for each area and machine.
Ensure productivity and efficiency measurements to achieve maximum productivity and efficiencies as per ARPOR target set.

Finance and Profit Management
With the assistance of the finance team, monitor and control monthly expenditures and costs of the business according to their budget and actual.
Achieve balance sheet ratio targets as set to ensure that the business is profitable and sustainable.
Assist Managers to develop capital expenditure plans to assist in achievement of production targets.
Ensure that invoices are sent out in time and that debtors do not exceed period as stipulated in contract.
Ensure that creditor payments controls are in place and that there is favourable terms with all creditors and that they are not paid before the term.
Ensure that there is good governance and controls to avoid fraud, bribery and corruption.

Country: Australia
Location: Perth area

Job Qualification & Experience:

Minimum Qualification
Engineering Degree or Diploma. Relevant management qualification. Previous experience at management level would be an advantage.

Legal Requirements
Valid work permit or citizenship. Medically fit to work underground. Valid driver’s licence.

Literacy Level
Fluent in English (write, speak, understand and read).
Computer literacy (MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).

Position-Related Experience
Understanding of all operational aspects and responsibilities in order to ensure inherent responsibilities are complied with, while ensuring growth and progress. Sound knowledge of enterprise ITC systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft AX and Isometrix.

Position-Related Training
On-the-job training and have completed all technical modules successfully.

Personality Traits
Not limited to the following: Attention to detail and accuracy, neat and organised, analytical ability, good interpersonal relations, sound communication skills. Honesty being of paramount importance.

Company Description:

Proven reputation for performance, quality, innovation, safety and integrity. In-house design, engineering, manufacturing, customisation, maintenance support and tailored solutions for drilling activities. Provide complete project-management expertise from exploration-stage drilling, capital project-stage through to production. With offices and Engineering facilities internationally in Africa, South America, North America, Europe and Asia. World-class South African OEM company, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Supplying  technologically advanced mine drilling tailored solutions and specialist niche mining contractor.


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General Manager – Australia, Perth Area – Ref: 717987-14

General Manager

General Manager


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