Estimator (Structural Steelwork, Platework and Piping in the Mining Industry), Kempton Park – Ref: 1203937-3


Ref: 1203937-3

Job Description:

We are currently sourcing an Estimator with 5 years’ experience for a structural steelwork, platework and piping company in the mining industry to be responsible for efficient and accurate preparation and submission of tenders which is essential to meeting sales targets.

Position details:
Type: Permanent:
Reports to: New Business Manager.
Primary purpose: Efficient, accurate preparation and submission of tenders which is essential to meeting sales targets. Follow up calls when submitting pricing to build client relationships. Measurements as backup for invoices at the end of each month. Marketing activities on LinkedIn.

Job description / core competencies:

  • Management of client database in Pipedrive software
    • Use of Pipedrive CRM software to log new clients, new deals, new projects and schedule follow up and next activities.
    • Keep client information up to date.
    • Pipedrive data base administration with specify reference to keeping information up to date.
  • Vendor applications
    • Submit vendor applications as and when required with all information accurately completed.
    • Once submitted, all vendor applications are to be saved to the server and updated every 12 months. Vendor applications folder to be up to date with the latest company documents to allow efficient submission of data.
  • Client presentations
    • PowerPoint presentations may be given to clients from time to time.
    • With the assistance form new business manager, compile client presentations.
  • Tender submissions
    • With new business manager – assess if tender is “real” or “budget” price only.
    • RFQ evaluation to be conducted on each tender before accepting the tender for pricing.
    • Log new tender into Pipedrive and save with all RFQ documents to tender folder on the server.
    • Review client tender documents to get a thorough understanding of RFQ requirements.
    • Prepare and send out enquiries to sub suppliers.
    • Save supplier quotes to server.
    • Collate and evaluate supplier quotes.
    • Discuss and agree pricing mark ups & strategy with new business manager before populating bills of quantities (BOQ’s).
    • Prepare tender BOQ’s either from client measures or listing and measuring drawings.
    • Prepare scope write ups defining the scope of work within the pricing offered.
    • Pricing and scope write ups to be approved by new business manager at least 1 day before required submission date.
    • Submission of RFQ pricing on time.
    • Following the submission of the RFQ, make follow up calls to clients.
    • Attend client clarification meetings.
    • On a monthly basis actively talk to suppliers to understand pricing moves and to build a strong relationship with suppliers.
  • Project kick-off
    • Preparation of tender kick off documents with all the allowance rates. All specifications, inclusions, exclusions to be clearly defined.
    • Handover of tender documents and client order to project managers in the project kick-off meeting with detailed discussion of pricing, scope, risks and exclusions.
    • Assist buying department and operations department with allowance sheet on material, bought outs and sub-contractor rates throughout the execution of the project.
  • Marketing
    • Assisting communication manager with LinkedIn posts and website information.
  • Invoicing measures
    • Measurements as backup for invoicing based on shop detailed drawings and material lists.
    • Measurement checks to ensure invoicing is aligned to tendered scope.
  • Sales targets
    • Annual and monthly sales targets are set by the new business manager for the new business team.
  • Other
    • Assist new business manager with all relevant requests regarding tenders, clients and suppliers.
    • Compile and distribute minutes of Friday weekly new business team meeting.
    • Assisting with office admin as may be required from time to time.
    • Workshop hourly hours per ton (hrs/t) spread sheet to be kept up to date on a 2-weekly basis, with information received from the workshop. Information to be checked and verified before being used in hrs/t calculations.
  • Continuous improvement
    • Implement and monitor lasting solutions to solve problems.
    • Quality assurance
    • In conjunction with new business manager ensure new business team is working to iso 9001:2015 procedures.
  • Communications & meetings
    • Lead (l) or proactively participate (p) in operational meetings:
      • (p) marketing meeting – weekly
      • (p) procurement – weekly
      • (l) project handover – as required
  • Personal development
    • Develop personal development plan and commitment to key outcomes of the plan.

Location (country, city):  Kempton Park, Gauteng

Job Qualification & Experience:

  • Matric, with exceptional maths skills.
  • Approximately 5 years’ experience
  • Experience in structural steelwork, platework and piping in the mining industry.
  • Very good computer literacy in Microsoft Office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Browser). STRUMIS and Pipedrive will be trained
  • Effective and professional communication written and verbal.
  • Detail orientated, ability to multitask and have flexibility.
  • Time Management skills, prioritize responsibilities. Work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work productively from home Work from home
  • Ability to handle stressful situations such as heavy varying workload and order accuracy.
  • Team building and guidance skills
  • Goal Setting – Sets fair stretch goals for self & others. Encourages individual initiative.
  • Performance Management – Fosters high level of accountability through fair, hard hitting performance management system. Free with deserved praise & recognition. Constructive in criticism. Provides frequent feedback.
  • Oral Communications – Communicates well one on one, in small groups and public speaking. Fluent, quick on feet, command of language. Keeps people informed.
  • Written Communications – Writes clear, precise, well-organized documents and emails using appropriate vocabulary, spelling, grammar, & word usage.
  • Planning- Setting plans in place

This advert is being advertised in collaboration with our recruitment partner MCHIR.

Estimator (Structural Steelwork, Platework and Piping in the Mining Industry), Kempton Park – Ref: 1203937-3



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