Drill Rig (Long Hole) Operators, Namibia – Ref: 63898-1

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Ref: 63898-1

Job Description:

Long Hole Drill Operators with underground long hole stoping experience required for a shaft sinking mining underground development for a major contracting firm. The project is based in Namibia. Will be responsible for drilling of the unit and/or any other tasks allocated from time to time. Must be fit to go underground. High-speed mining development and mining construction to meet the evolving Africa market requirements.

Position details:
Primary purpose: Operating and drilling deep holes to be blasted in underground workplace.

Job description:

  • Control and operate drills.
  • Drill blast holes.
  • Select/change drill to suit task.
  • Observe pressure gauge and move throttles & levers in order to control the speed of rotary tables.
  • Regulate pressure of tools at bottoms of boreholes.
  • Perform risk assessments (general and mini).
  • Complying with the health and safety policy.
  • Comply with the quality control plan of site.
  • Inspect hanging wall and make safe if unsafe.
  • Check if eye bolts are secure.
  • Clean footwall in accordance with procedure.
  • Machine operations line up holes and drill in accordance with procedure.
  • Ensure that daily maintenance is carried out before commencing drilling.
  • Ensure that hydraulic hoses and electric cabling are suspended separately.
  • Ensure that electric pack doors are kept closed in order to prevent water from entering electric pack.
  • Ensure that there are no oil leaks on hydraulic power pack or machine.
  • Conduct daily check list on machine and ensure machine is operating within spec.
  • Report any deviations immediately to Foreman.
  • Administration record operational info in Operators’ Report Book before commencement of drilling operations.
  • Record hour meter reading in Operators’ Report Book at end of shift.
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental.
  • Ensure that you are equipped with safety clothing before proceeding underground.
  • Inspect and make the work site safe before work starts.
  • Ensure that you work safely and are familiar with environmental impact register, including material safety data sheets.
  • Evaluate adherence to risk assessment daily.
  • Report all incidents to Foreman.
  • During underground operations, working place must be examined – findings of examination to be logged in daily report.
  • Knowledge of Site / SHEQ standard.

Location (country, city): Namibia

Job Qualification & Experience:

  • Grade 12. Qualified as a Drill Rig Operator in mining, with relevant certificates.
  • Medically fit to go underground.
  • Five years’ experience as an Operator (at least two years shaft and sinking experience).
  • Drill rig operating skills, organisational skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Committed, able to demonstrate proficiency in safety management.
  • Good value system, good work ethics & professional conduct.
  • Business awareness, meet milestones and goals.
  • Knowledge of mechanics & hydraulics, firefighting certificate, acclimatised to mining environment.

Company Description:

Our client is a leading contracting, engineering and construction services company. It has developed skills, installed infrastructure and delivered services successfully making a noteworthy contribution to sustainable socio-economic development. Mining, shaft sinking, engineering, project management.

Culture and values: High-level emphasis on risk and workplace safety. Customer value driven. High performance/operational excellence culture. Emphasis on employee development. Innovation/ continuous improvement environment. Value on social responsibility.

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Drill Rig (Long Hole) Operators, Namibia – Ref: 63898-1

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