Continuous Improvement Technical Manager (Rubber / Mineral Processing Equipment) – Gauteng – Ref: 87489-16

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Ref: 87489-16

Job Description:

Pioneer the research and utilisation of new technology in production and Industry to create higher quality products cost effectively.

This is an opportunity to apply your technical expertise and effective engineering techniques. Review of technical systems and processes, safety and quality, identify areas of improvement and new opportunities; analyse, test and implement suitable solutions. As Technical Manager, you will be directing all of the Company’s technical operations. Provide technical support to both internal and external customers, approving cost estimates and proposals, advising on safety matters and managing and leading the technical staff.

Our client is a global, technology-driven supplier of high-quality products and services to the mining, mineral beneficiation and power generation industries.

A stable and profitable company with a credible reputation in industry.

Technical Management role forming part of succession plan (based on results).

Position details:

Type: Permanent
Reports to: Managing Director
Reporting, total staff compliment: 16 in total, 5 of which direct reports. The role will oversee the Drawing Office as well as the Projects & Quality Departments.
Primary purpose: Directing all technical operations for the company, providing technical support to internal and external customers, approving cost estimates or proposals, advising on safety matters and managing staff in the technical area.

Key performance indicators:

Technical services and support:

  • Critical designs are approved according to applicable standards.
  • Estimations on crucial designs and projects are compiled and checked according to customer requirements when necessary.
  • Machines are maintained to ensure availability and operability of machines for the timely production of products.
  • Technical advice and support is provided to internal and external customers when necessary.
  • Technical problems are identified and investigated when they occur and solutions provided.
  • Output of technical personnel is monitored to ensure that products meet the company’s quality standards.
  • Technical procedures are prepared and updated within the company when necessary.
  • Intellectual property documents compiled, monitored and updated when necessary.

Continuous improvement:

  • Technical processes within the company are reviewed and improvement projects initiated as required.
  • New technology is utilized in production to create higher quality products cost effectively.

Financial management:

  • Budget is prepared annually based on recent industry trends and planned activities.
  • Expenditure is monitored, controlled and updated monthly.

Manage department:

  • Manpower capabilities for the department are planned, selected and developed.
  • Key personnel are identified and retained.
  • Company HR and Disciplinary policy is adhered to.
  • Work is prioritised and objectives set and assigned to suitable personnel.
  • Training records of staff are maintained at all times.
  • Performance of subordinates are managed as per the company’s performance management system.


  • Safety meetings are attended and advice given as per current legislation.
  • Safe use of machinery is monitored as per the legal obligations of the employer.
  • Products are evaluated according to the company’s quality standards.
  • Compliance with relevant legal and statutory requirements is ensured as well as sound corporate governance.

Key work outputs / competencies and key actions:

Technical knowledge and skills:

  • Engineering knowledge: Understands and uses effective engineering techniques to support company objectives.
  • Industry knowledge: Understands the mining and manufacturing industry and the factors that can affect company goals, uses industry knowledge in planning and decision making.
  • Keeps up to date: Stays abreast of current developments and trends in all relevant technical areas.
  • Legislation: Has the knowledge of the relevant legislation and the codes of good practice (e.g. labour legislation, OHSA, ISO standards, etc.)

Continuous improvement:

  • Assesses opportunities: Reviews processes to identify gaps between requirements and current outputs.
  • Determines causes: Identifies potential conditions that contribute to gaps or key variances, explores relationships between conditions and effects, distinguishes causes from symptoms and identifies primary causes.
  • Implements effective improvements: Tests solutions, gathers feedback on effectiveness, reviews impact on baseline measure, modifies solutions as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.

Continuous learning:

  • Seeks learning activities: Identifies and participates in appropriate learning activities that help fulfil learning needs.
  • Applies knowledge or skill: Puts new knowledge, understanding or skill to practical use on the job.

Delegating responsibility:

  • Shares appropriate responsibilities: Allocates decision-making authority and task responsibility to appropriate individuals, considering positive and negative impact, organisational values and structures and the enhancement of the individual’s knowledge and skills.
  • Defines parameters: Clearly communicates the responsibility’s parameters, including decision making authority and any required actions, constraints or deadlines.
  • Stays informed: Establishes appropriate procedures to keep informed of issues and results in shared areas of responsibility.

Decision making:

  • Identifies issues, problems and opportunities: Recognises issues, problems or opportunities and determines whether action is needed.
  • Chooses appropriate action: Formulates clear decision criteria, evaluates options by considering implications and chooses an effective option.
  • Commits to action: Implements decisions or initiates action within a reasonable time.

Quality orientation:

  • Ensures high quality output: Vigilantly watches over job processes, tasks and work products to ensure freedom from errors, omissions or defects.
  • Takes action: Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.

Safety awareness:

  • Identifies safety issues and problems: Detects hazardous working conditions and safety problems, checks equipment and work area regularly.
  • Takes corrective action: Reports or corrects unsafe working conditions, makes recommendations or improves safety procedures, enforces safety regulations and procedures.
  • Monitors the corrective action: Monitors safety issues after taking corrective action and ensures continued compliance.

Building a successful team:

  • Facilitates goal accomplishment: Makes procedural or process suggestions for achieving team goals or performing team functions, provides necessary resources or helps to remove obstacles.
  • Develops direction: Helps to clarify team members’ roles and responsibilities, helps ensure that necessary steering, review or support functions are in place.
  • Informs others on team: Shares important, relevant information with the team.

Country: South Africa
Location: Kempton Park

Job Qualification & Experience:

Mechanical Engineering Degree (non-negotiable)
Pr.Eng (Mechanical) will be an advantage
10 years’ experience in a technical environment on continuous improvement projects and 5 of which in a managerial role.
Capability of 3D modelling.

Company Description:

A global, technology-driven supplier of high-quality products and services to the mining, mineral beneficiation and power generation industries, which caters for diverse requirements of most mineral beneficiation needs, with emphasis on maintaining close customer relationships and partnerships to ensure optimum solutions. Based in Johannesburg, with branches nationwide as well as further afield in Africa and Internationally, the Group has several comprehensively-equipped manufacturing facilities which produce specific product lines.

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Continuous Improvement Technical Manager (Rubber / Mineral Processing Equipment, Gauteng – Ref: 87489-16

Continuous Improvement Technical ManagerContinuous Improvement Technical Manager


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