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Enshrine Virtual Resources (EVR): Non-payroll contracting solutions

Enshrine Virtual Resources (EVR)

Caryn Darley, the creator of Enshrine Placements, the leading SA agency for placing engineering and technical people, two of her key colleagues, Michele Van der Westhuizen and Deedré Redelinghuis, and newcomer JJ van Wyk, are launching Enshrine Virtual Resources. While Enshrine Placements will continue to meet its clients’ payroll-position requirements, by finding outstanding candidates, Enshrine Virtual Resources will take on knowledge work that client companies would rather outsource than appoint permanent staff for. Our ‘SuperTemps’ will not only fill temporary gaps more than competently, but could provide an invaluable additional service, which we look forward to explain.

To do the work, the new company will deploy its ‘virtual resources’ – a select number of self-employed people, from a variety of disciplines, who prefer to work on contract assignments. JJ will be the lead contracts manager and responsible for service delivery. One of his talents is to weld diverse resources into synergistic, multidisciplinary teams. JJ graduated as an engineer in the early 70’s and brings a unique blend of experience from across the spectrum of engineering and management roles, in different industries.

South African companies all have to contend with a challenging and evolving business environment, which obliges them to regularly revisit their policies and strategies, and to undertake activities that are outside their core operations and areas of expertise, like generating their own green power to mitigate Eskom’s load-shedding, while also earning credits on an ESG scorecard. On-again-off-again lock-downs that follow pandemic waves also bring peaks and valleys in workload. Meanwhile, government continues to increase the statutory compliance load on companies. For the above and other reasons, companies may experience temporary shortfalls in capacity and/or expertise that they are reluctant to address by way of payroll appointments.

While the business environment may be shared, every client company is unique and, consequently, its potential demand for services from Enshrine Virtual Resources would also be unique. As a market-research exercise, we plan to collaborate with the management teams of a limited number of potential clients, to do a joint assessment of the pressing needs and other beneficial opportunities for using our services. JJ and Caryn, who leads our marketing, will undertake these assessments. His accumulated insights enable JJ to ask most of the right questions – and to understand most of the answers. With her EQ and intuitive understanding of people, Caryn is the perfect foil to the analytical, work-focused JJ.

Thereafter, Enshrine Virtual Resources will provide customised proposals to companies that collaborated in the survey, and will prioritise delivering the services that they require.

Michele and Deedré work as a close-knit team to enable our marketing, contracting and service delivery activities, as well as resources management and recruitment, with reliable administrative support and Information Systems.

Enshrine Virtual Resources (EVR) is an ambitious start-up, with four equal shareholders who will also share the responsibilities as official company directors, but prefer to simply be called EVR team members. The four are sharing the workload with each playing a number of roles. JJ has also taken on the role of leading the establishment of Enshrine Virtual Resources – managing it as a project.