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“Igniting growth through knowledge, insights and awareness” The Enshrine Learning Academy


The Enshrine Learning Academy is a collaboration of highly skilled Executive Coaching Specialists who are designing game-changing webinars and learning journeys aimed at personal, career, leadership and corporate development.

Through the Academy we offer two coaching services that will unlock the value of your team, using the Contribution Compass.

The Contribution Compass is a powerful personal and team profiling methodology that aims to get every member of your team into their zone of flow. Through maximising flow and natural energy in your team, you can maximise the contribution and engagement of THE most important part of your business – your people.

The value of the Contribution Compass is that it is not just about knowing which of the eight profiles is your dominant flow – it’s about applying what you know with practical tools to life the performance of your whole team. Can you imagine what your team could do with everyone in their flow and an in-depth understanding of how to support each other to accelerate?

The Contribution Compass – One-on-One Profile Debrief:

R2875.00 (Incl. VAT), Duration: 45 60 min.

This is a one-on-one session between the facilitator and candidate.
Online via Skype or a phone call.
Physical in person sessions may be arranged at the discretion of the facilitator and the candidate.

The one-on-one profile debrief is especially useful to support:
 Career coaching
 Development planning
 Retrenchment transition coaching
 Overcoming workplace challenges

This can also be used where there is conflict between team members and, while the sessions are private, the process can be used to create understanding between the team members.

Debrief sessions help the individual to understand their profile, work through development areas and understand how the sese link to their profiles and address any personal questions or concerns.

These sessions leave the individual with practical insights around their profile and help them to better apply the profile to increase their value.

The Contribution Compass Team Profile Debrief:

R7475.00 (Incl. VAT), Duration: 60 90 min.

Maximum 8 participants. Online via Skype or a phone call.
In person meetings may attract travel and disbursements.
The team debrief is useful for teams of 3 or more. The facilitator will prepare a presentation that highlights the balance of energy of the entire team and facilitate a discussion on the team dynamic as well as the profiles of each candidate.

The team profile debrief provides insights into:
 The team’s collective natural energy and balance
 Specific profile contribution of each member especially given their position.
 Ways in which the profiles are best applied
 Practical insights on how to improve team communication and effectiveness
 Actions to improve team engagement
 Challenges are discussed and probed

Effective teams deliver results through the collaborative efforts of its members. When we have a team in flow and in balance there is the opportunity to accelerate company performance. When we don’t have balance, we have a car with a flat tyre moving
for ward yet hindered in really making progress.

Once all members in a team, be it a board, executive team or any other level in the organisation, have completed their Contribution Compass profilers, we can determine the team’s overall profile. This provides t he natural energy or collective talent of the team along with the level of imbalance the team experiences.


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