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Deedre Redelinghuys

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Value Proposition:


I am absolutely passionate about the ICT industry and am actively driving Enshrine’s involvement in this area of specialisation. I love working with people and technology, and learning something new every day. I find it extremely satisfying to help clients and candidates alike in finding their perfect match – ensuring a conducive working environment that will allow both the individual and the company to grow and thrive.

On a personal note – I am young, motivated and energetic, a real family person; Having only worked in the recruitment Industry for 4 years, I know that this is where I want to stay. I am eager to learn, goal orientated, extremely hardworking a great listener and I am willing to bend over backwards to fulfill your recruitment needs.

Location: South Africa, Free State

Home & other languages: Afrikaans, English

Designation: Consultant

Highest qualification type: Grade 12 / Matric / N3

Years of experience: 3 to 5 years

Company size: ‘1 – 10

Division: Programme / Project Management

Seniority level: Admin / Support / Clerical / Officer / Coordinator / Assistant


Ethnicity:                                 Caucasian/White

Nationality:                              South African

Highest Formal Qualification:  Gr 12

What is your current/ most recent job title?

Virtual Candidate Consultant & Technology Manager

What is the primary purpose of this position?

Technology Manager. With our technology growing on a daily basis, it is my duty to make sure that all software, clouds and servers are running, kept up to date and upgraded.  I ensure that the entire virtual team is equipped with the necessary software and platform knowledge to execute their tasks seamlessly by planning and organizing processes for the completion of specific technology related to the goals of the company.  I also do planning reports so that our team is kept up to date with active positions and candidates in the market.

Consultant is to screening candidates, interview them, do background checks is matching candidates with Clients, listening, understanding and matching skillsets that are needed and required to help both parties in finding the perfect fit.

What are the core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order for you to achieve your primary purpose? 

As a Candidate Consultant I need to familiarise myself with and learn about new companies and industries to be able to understand a client’s specific requirements. Listening, matching and communication skills are therefore critically important and the ultimate goal is to position myself and grow in such a way that I can become an independent Recruitment Agent whilst simultaneously delivering IT-related support and training on an ongoing basis.

What are some of your greatest achievements (When and how have you saved your employers time, money and resources)?

Grown in myself, and in my current job.

If you were to illuminate your skills and abilities along with your greater purpose and passions in life, how would you describe yourself?

I am a hard-working, passionate person who is naturally innovative, bringing new ideas and creative approaches into my team and willing to bend over backward for anything I feel is worth it.

I have a drive to create and start new and incredible projects and concepts or approaching new ideas to learn and stimulate my active personality to keep moving forward – focusing on ‘what’ needs to get done. I try to inspire others to try new things and explore new territories. Motivated to constantly learn and participate in new things.

I love being on my own and working with people and doing stuff with my own capability. I want a goal to strive for, both personally and professionally.

What is the business title of your ideal position? 

Ideally I would like to become an independent Recruitment Agent specializing in all things IT-related.

What are the key responsibilities and accountabilities of your ideal position?

I see an Enshrine Consultant as a Project Manager, handling their own projects (clients and new jobs), from bringing in the job, briefing the team on the job and distributing the job to matching the skillset and aspirations of a candidate, along with their personality, to the client’s needs. I love being creative and this is often necessary to achieve my goals or to complete a Project; being able to think out-of-the-box.

What are the manufacturing processes/ technologies that you have experience in relevant to your ideal position/ next career steps?

I believe my skill areas are more in the creative strategy and creative problem solving, what others see, reflects on us. I am very optimistic and able to inspire others, and great in starting projects. I am best when left free to create new projects, and excels where my focuses are kept (what interests me), big picture strategy

Describe your career in years of experience per sector/industry/commodity serviced:

Admin Manager – 3 years
Hospitality – 4 years
Back Office Recruitment Consultant – 3 half years

What do you absolutely love doing?

I am a Family Person, so when I can provide for and keep them happy, I am happy.

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