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Technical Application Specialist / Business Development Manager (Mining & Chemicals)

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  • Posted 5 years ago

Total years experience: Years

Current / most recent job title?
Technical Application Specialist / Business Development

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

  • Identifying opportunities for specialty chemicals and auxiliary equipment businesses in mining and metallurgy and help reduce the overall impact of cost of reagent, equipment and spares and services on per ton copper or product or services and bring or highlight returns on investment in our products.
  • Find customers in need technological and above budget costs highlight expected benefits and offer cost effective application.
  • Responsible for planning, budgeting and cost controlling, target achieving.
  • Overall responsibility for the company’s copper solvent extraction pilot plant reagent performance testing and laboratory bench test works.
  • Responsible for identifying opportunities for auxiliary equipment and spares and new areas to apply reagents to improve plant grades and recoveries and make improvement suggestions to plant line managers and their subordinates.
  • Responsible for running the company technical department and linking reagent manufacturer’s research and development, manufacturing and technical support.
  • To guide plant line managers and subordinates on SX Plant optimisation: Improve Clarifier Wash efficiencies and TTS levels, Control free acid in pregnant liquor, improve and optimize plant flow rates, O/A ratios, phase disengagements, reduce organic reagent entrainment, cobalt losses in the electrolyte, stage efficiencies (mixer box diagnostic test works Isotherms & McCabe Thiele).
  • Help in hydrometallurgical controlling of Electro winning chemical reactions to prevent and resolve negative effect on the organic reagent and copper production.
  • Overall responsibility for the company’s mineral flotation reagent performance testing, concentrator plant circuits surveying and designing test works to improve rougher concentrate grades and recovery and plant equipment performance and optimization.
  • Conduct Mineral Processing Flotation Test works and Solvent Extraction Tests to help improve the plant Mass balance and optimisation of plant performance.
  1. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

  2. Available resources and planning.
  3. Good understanding of process chemical reactions, auxiliary equipment and circuits.
  4. Able to technically planned application test works for process flow sheet improvement or design.
  5. Able to help clients reduce unit costs on per ton copper produced.
  6. Conduct mass balance for plant performance optimisation
  7. Able to establish clear channels of Communication with production personal to provide technical guidance
  8. Understanding of project management and coordination.
  9. Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of project positive outcome
  10. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

    I am keen on learning and developing my business management and technical skills and acquire more skills.

    4. Ideal business title: 

    Where I will be in a position to use my knowledge of basic sciences to convert them into products and services.

    5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

  11. Leading and decision making technically with a business or cost saving strategy.
  12. Accountabilities in a written employee Key Performance Indicator appraised by a Senior Manager for salary increment and promotion.
  13. Skill area of competence:

  • Concentrator plant technology & auxiliary equipment, Copper Solvent extraction Plant & auxiliary equipment, cobalt plant & auxiliary equipment primary and secondary mining and drilling equipment.
  • Technical Application specialist Copper Minerals flotation and Solvent extraction and base metal.
  • Marketing, pre and post sales technical support.
  • Successfully controlled the overall impact of cost of SX reagent on per ton copper produced.
  • Successfully used statistical tools such as Pareto charts to analyse data, Work analysis tools like Run graphs, Bar graphs, Gant and pie charts, and continuous improvement tools like Risk Assessments such as 5 whys, Job Safety Analysis, Cause and Effect diagrams root cause analysis and success criteria to benefit the company.
  • Appointment of competent personal under Mining Regulations in Zambia.
  • Leadership and management of continuous improvement processes and internal controls in line with ISO standard and Six sigma tools.
  • Successfully learnt about the World Class Management Systems elements, in house training in ISO 14001 and Elements of World Class Management System: Health Safety & Environmental standards and procedures, Presentation standards, ISO Quality Management System, Internal Controls – limits of authority, accounting procedures and control, cost and variances reports, asset control systems, stock control systems, control of company vehicles and fuels systems, procurement control systems and site access control systems, maintenance and engineering standards, customer focus standards and Training standards and was audited 2008 annual factory audit and scored; Health Safety & Environmental standards and procedures 92%, Presentation standards 96%, ISO Quality Management System 96% , Internal Controls 100%, Maintenance and Engineering standards 89%, Customer focus standards 100% and Training standards 89%


  1. Career summary:

  • Technical Application Specialist/Business Development Manager Copper specialty reagent & auxiliary equipment 3 years 7 months
  • Copper Mining continuous improvement of operational processes 3 years 8 months Copper and Cobalt processes and auxiliary equipment Technical Application Specialist 2 years 7 Months.
  • Concentrator plant graduate training program 1 Year.
  • Copper Leach plant project/Sulphide Bacterium Leach, Heap, Agitation Leach and SX/EW/ – 2 years
  • Cobalt Plant/ Fluidized Bed Roasting/Leaching/Clarifiers/ Zinc – SX/Nickel ion exchange/, Carbon ion exchange within the Copper Leach plant project 2 years
  • Over 3 months Part time jobs in risk-based inspections of lifting equipment: visual & non-destructive testing and Noise surveying for SGS audits.
  • 3 Months Quality control and Assurance policies and procedures.


  1. Achievements: 

    Available on request

    9. What do you absolutely love doing?

    Leading and Making decision and achieving positive results.

    10. Ideal company (culture and values):

    A multinational mining company or international company with a culture of inclusiveness, promote also employee’s personal growth to achieve their set goals with values in excellent products and services

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