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Supply Chain and Manufacturing Manager, Ref: 1023846

  • Diploma
  • Anywhere
  • Posted 7 years ago

Ref: 1023846

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: National Diploma
Annual Package Range: R351 000 - 450 000
Total years experience: 20--30 Years

Current/recent job title: Operations, Sales and Marketing Manager

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Manager, Ref: 1023846

Discipline: Supply Chain Management (National Diploma). Industry in: Heavy Manufacturing, Rubber Lining, FMCG, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Consulting. Years of experience range: 20 to 30 years. Current annual package range: R351 000 – 450 000, per annum. Nationality: South African. Gender: Male.

A technically-astute Supply Chain Manager, determined and driven, focused on satisfying customer demands while remaining intent on achieving the business objectives, vision and mission statement. Committed to both internal and external customers / internal and external suppliers. Passion for customer service has exposed him to various operational aspects and a holistic approach. Additional exposure and key skills include implementing Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, implementing Lean Manufacturing (Six Sigma) principles to eliminate waste, SHERQ management as well as Sales and Marketing.

Core focus being on planning and managing factories according to company budgets, forecasts and the strategic plan as well as building Business Processes to Support Value Chain / Supply Chain functions.

Ideal position: Supply Chain Management at an executive level. Open to a position anywhere in South Africa.

Candidate location: South Africa

Home & other languages: English, Afrikaans

Designation: Supply Chain Operations Manager

Highest qualification type: National Diploma

University: University of Johannesburg

Company size: ’11 – 50

Division: Procurement / Planning / Supply Chain Management / Logistics (in/outbound) / Warehouse / Transportation

Seniority level: Regional / Country / Area / General / Project Manager / Department Head

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

Nationality: South African

Highest Formal Qualification: National Diploma Management

Current / most recent job title?

Operations, Sales and Marketing Manager

Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

Dealing and negotiating with suppliers and customers, determining demand from customers and planning labor, materials and capacity. Visiting customers in order to determine future requirements and plans for shut down and plant maintenance.
My objective is to achieve on time deliver of over 90%

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Supplier performance.
Schedule adherence.
Labor time keeping and absence.
Internal relations e.g procurement, planning, sales, warehouse, manufacturing.
Stock accuracy.

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I am a determined and driven employee, focused on satisfying the customers demands while remaining intent on achieving the business objectives, vision and mission statement. I am committed to both internal and external customers and internal and external suppliers.

Ideal business title:

Supply Chain Manager

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:


Plan and manage factories according to company budgets, forecasts and strategic plan.
Actively participate in the Sales and Operations meetings, with the intention of satisfying customer expectations.
Build Business Processes to Support Value Chain and Supply Chain functions and KPI’s.
Implement lean manufacturing Six Sigma principles eliminating waste.
Implement Hazard Identification and Risk Assesment.
Redesign the Business processes to incorporate all the functions of the business in order to determine roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.
Develop and implement the organisations SHERQ management program.
Develop and implement systems, policies and procedures.
Implement a Risk Management projects, report on and project manage projects.
Maintain Customer and Supplier relationships through reporting on KPI’s and meetings.

Skill area of competence:

Twenty nine years operations (Administration/Manufacturing/Production Management – labour scheduling, quality assurance, schedule adherence, H&S, SOP design and training, Supply chain – Procurement, Planning, Expediting, Project Management, Security , QHSE, warehouse, office, supply/value chain experience, Logistics, Risk Management, Hazard Identification and Quality Assurance.)
Sixteen years of Marketing and Sales experience. Primarily in Rubber and Capital Equipment.
Six years of ERP project implementation.
Computer Literate: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, IMPACT Encore, JDE, N4 in Basic language programming

Skills Summary
Analysing financial reports.
Raising efficiencies and effectiveness of Company Assets.
Sales and marketing.
Labor management, shift allocations, temporary, contract and full time employees.
Budgetting, forecasting, reporting and management of the budget.
Master production scheduling, analysing capacity and releasing for production planning.
Actively participating in the Sales and Operations meetings, sharing DOT and comcerns.
Designing and agreeing Service Levels with Suppliers and Customers.
Maintaining Supplier and Customer relationships through feedback and meetings.
Determining, designing, training and reporting on KPI’s.
Interpretation and analysis of business needs that require specific attention (Business Processing).
Training and implementation of corrective actions determined through audits,
inspections, measuring work standards, time and motion studies and process
flow analysis using tools such as FMEA, cause and effects and Risk Management.
Maintaining and improving staff morale by feedback on accomplishments, corrective action projects and clearly defining roles and responsibilities.
Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice, Logistics, Inventory control and management, Import and Export, Lean manufacture and six sigma.

Career summary:

15 years heavy manufacturing and rubber lining: 15 years
6 years FMCD – consumer goods (toothpaste, shampoo, soap washing powder etc.)
8 years consulting on supply chain and manufacti

Where would you like to be in your career in the next 5 to 10 years, what would you like to have achieved?

I would like to be senior management, Directorship.

What do you absolutely love doing?

Planning for Business and Customer satisfaction.
Sharing ideas and concepts.
Being and active member of a team.
Investigating customer requirements and developing a functional solution.
Connecting all the links in the business chain and investigating which link is weak. Running trials to resolve the problem.

Ideal company (culture and values):

An established company with a continual improvement culture that values analysis for finding the root cause of the problem and implementing a corrective action project that indicates problems and possible solutions.
A team building company where peoples opinions are not seen as a threat.

Motivation to move (please select): Reached the ceiling

Location Preference: I am open to positions nationally (in my country).

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