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Regional Centre Service Manager, Ref: 555777 – Online Interview Questions

Ref: 555777

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: Bachelors Degree: Mech Eng / Certificate in Quality Assurance : City and Guilds of London Institute, Finance for Non Financial Managers and 3 Semesters of MBL, ECSA - Professional Engineer (Pr Eng)
Annual Package Range: EU Euro - EUR 0.00 - 150 000, per annum
Total years experience: 30 Years

Regional Centre Service Manager




Current / most recent job title?

Regional Centre Service Manager

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

Improve Aftermarket support and turnover
Improve Customer Perception
Uplift Customer Knowledge
Improve Local stockholding
Get Training Centre off the ground
Improve local spares warehouse

2. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Applying Common Sense in all areas. Ensure that every input is exhausted and all by-products are either sold, re-used, or minimized in order to make the company’s money work properly. W.r.t. Maintenance: Cleaning and Lubrication sorts out 95% of the problems. The other 5% is where your team comes to the fore. If you cannot measure it, you cannot understand it and therefore you cannot manage or improve it. Do not trust any of your suppliers 100% . I do not believe in core business as every company’s core business is to maximize the profits for its shareholders. I, therefore, need solid convincing w.r.t. outsourcing and it is only feasible if it can be done cheaper and more reliably than your team can. Even then I view that as an issue that needs investigation.

3. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I am 58 years of age, laterally thinking, ECSA Registered, Professional Engineer with many years’ General Management, Plant Engineering and Machinery/equipment aftermarket Experience. My forte is to find innovative solutions in optimizing profits and increasing plant efficiencies, whilst also focusing in increasing market-share when I get involved in marketing and sales.

4. Ideal business title: 

Operations Director
Technical Director
Senior Consultant
Regional Manager
Regional Director
Aftermarket Director

5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

Solving Problems
Growing People
Sharing Knowledge and experience
Increasing Turnover
Reducing costs the proper way by eliminating wasted effort and associated expenses.
Matching efficiencies to capabilities.

6. Skill area of competence:

Project Management – planning, set up, execution and hand-over. Problem Solving – determination of root causes and elimination thereof. General Management (People, Budgets, Strategies). Strategic Management – development of strategies and execution. Maritime Engineering – Design, Operation and Maintenance. Construction and Mining Equipment – tracked and trackless -Maintenance, Sales and Support. Brewing and Beverage Technologies – Layouts, Maintenance, Sales and Support. Total Quality Management – Principles and Practice – Implementation and Support. Total Preventative Maintenance – Implementation and Support. Best Operating Practice – Implementation and Support. Condition Monitoring Methods – Implementation.

7. Career summary:

Maritime Engineering – 4 years.
Automotive Manufacturing – 3 years.
Brewing and Beverage Manufacturing – 5 years.
Heavy Commercial Vehicle/Construction Equipment/Power plant – 4 years. Beverage Engineering and Equipment Sales – 7+ years.
Construction Equipment and HCV – 5 years.
Engineering Consulting – 10 Years

8. Achievements: 

S.A. Navy (1987 – 1991)
Chief of the Navy’s Commendation awarded to me on 16 October 1990 for services rendered during OPERATION NEXUS.
Top Student in the Marine Engineering Officer’s Charge Certificate Course March – July 1989
Top Student in Mechanical Equipment Parts 1 and 2 in April 1988 – June 1988 and November 1988 – February 1989 respectively. Part of the Project Team that got the decommissioned SAS JIM FOUCHE operational in a record 3 months.

(1991 – 1993)
a. Part of the team that developed and implemented Total Quality Management into the company from 1992 onwards. Savings in the various programs (effective problem solving, multi-skilling, reduced inventory, Improved Supplier Quality Management) added to millions that made it possible to launch the Honda SR4 at a price that was cheaper than the selling price of the SH4 (SR4 predecessor) in 1993.
b. Was part of the team that trained and developed the work team that assembled the W140 S-Class Mercedes Benz to a quality standard that was even better than Germany at the time. (1992/3)

Port Elizabeth Brewery was the first in the whole company to implement Operator Self Control in its Filtration Department. As acting Engineering Manager I managed to get the whole Engineering team to pull together and cut Departmental costs in order to haul back R1, 4mil over-expenditure from August 1996 to break-even by February 1997. This excluded the saving of R4mil+ in effluent charges and the associated fine of a similar amount. The effluent charges were revisited and focus ensured a much lower Effluent factor which resulted in the saving. This was a joint effort between me and the finance department of the old PE Brewery.

Implemented Best Operating Practice in accordance with Beer Division standards and set up Multi-Disciplinary Teams throughout the whole Brewery structure. This resulted in class-leading packaging line efficiencies and quality standards which extended the Brewery’s life by 5 years. Economies of scale eventually forced the 1mil Hl brewery to close in order to make way for the 2,5mil Ibayi Brewery in Perseverance, Port Elizabeth in 2002/3.

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9. What do you absolutely love doing?

Working in a professional team and obtaining tangible results and seeing the team grow in confidence and ability. Fix problematic issues. Take companies to the next operating level.

10. Ideal company (culture and values):

A company with a learning culture that values its employees and where the board is willing to listen and is approachable.


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