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Maintenance/Project Engineer, Ref: 576359

Ref: 576359

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: BEng Engineering (Mechanical)
Other Formal Qualification: Degree
Annual Package Range: R 451 000 - 550 000
Total years experience: Years

Current/recent job title: Solutions Developer Consultant

Discipline: Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng)

Industry in: Engineering Services.

Annual package range: R 451 000 – 550 000, per annum.

Gender: Male.

Ethnicity: Caucasian/White.

Nationality: South African.

A graduated Mechanical Engineer with 5 years’ experience in the Engineering Services field. A dynamic person with insight into the strategic nuances of any organization. Bringing energy and communication into the work environment, which unlocks collaboration and cooperation in teams. It is in this teamwork where he believes much of his professional success has its origin. When he works independently he relies on detailed analysis, follow through and self-evaluation to steer him in the way forward.

Has experience in leading section maintenance, improving and sustaining good equipment, implementing continues improvement initiatives, ensuring improved plant availability and providing software solutions, regulatory compliance and risk management. OHSA, ISO9001, ISO140001 and ISO180001, and being the legally appointed responsible person for all regulated equipment.

Candidate location: South Africa

Home & other languages: Afrikaans, English

Designation: Consultant

Highest qualification type: Degree

University: University of Pretoria

Company size: ’11 – 50

Division: Engineering / Design / Draughting / Drawing Office

Seniority level: Degreed Engineer – Junior / Lead / Senior / Principal / Chief

Highest Formal Qualification:  BEng Engineering (Mechanical)

Current / most recent job title? Solutions Developer Consultant

Primary purpose of current/most recent position: I am currently employed as a business/IT consultant. I have acclimatized to this field and position, but longs to return to the engineering field for two reasons – my aptitude and love for engineering, and the lack of security provided in my current position.

Engaging stakeholders such as testers, product owners, solution architects and project controllers to achieve project objectives. This includes articulating and developing detailed client requirement specs, designing high level development plans, developing task specific code blocks, handing over and monitoring work in the testing phase, implementing and productionalising user accepted code objects.

Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose: To achieve more than the minimum KPIs while still maintaining balance in my personal life, in order to grow and develop every part of the business I interact with, on a sustainable basis.

Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:
I believe that radical ideas and conservative ways both have a role to play. As important as innovation and revolution may be, it still needs to be sustained by proven, repeatable business. I fine balance here is often the key to successfully grow into the future.

Team leadership
Successful team functioning is a very important value to me. I have always led from the front which gained me loyalty among subordinates. I believe in sustainable empowerment of people, which enables successful delegation.

Pareto approach
I hate wastage, and have always been driven to find the “leanest” path to a solution. Perfection is a virtue, but it should never dry up progress. A “good enough” solution which is delivered timely, is often better for business than a perfect solution which is beaten to market. I believe that an operation should not function in a zone of diminishing return for its efforts.

Business vision
I always consider the economic impact of actions in the workplace, such as total cost of asset ownership, project payback periods, budget control and accurate capital expenditure.

Soft skills
Non-engineering skills such as professional communication, data handling, financial simulation and document presentation have always differentiated me from my peers. A company’s – and therefore employees’- image as represented by these elements have always been very important to me.

Ideal business title: 
Maintenance/Project Engineer (studying towards GCC Factories)
Project Engineer
Sales Engineer
Design Engineer
Consulting Engineer
Maintenance Planner

Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:
Budget compliance
Equipment uptime
Subordinate development
Business development
Technical design

Skill area of competence:
Root cause analysis, team leadership, budget control, maintenance management, strategy, SAP, project management

I bring multidisciplinary skill and experience to the engineering table. I have proven the transferability of my skills to different industries that I am formally educated in.

While I generally have higher technical and analytical aptitude than my average peer, I complement that with skills that are often rare to technical engineers, such as business acumen, ability in computer science, strong administration skill and good human interaction.

In the engineering field per se, I believe in a Pareto approach, being agile multi skilled enough to always find the quickest route to positive implication on the business bottom line. I immerse myself in detailed technical analysis, knowing that this often makes the difference in project success.

Career summary:
Steel manufacturing – 4 years
Rubber industry – 1 year
Utilities engineering – 2 years (concurrently with above)
Financial sector – 1 year
Education – 2 years

What do you absolutely love doing?
Teamwork, crisis management, strategizing, mechanical design, Financial planning and control

Ideal company (culture and values):
A medium size company that finds a good balance between modern and traditional management styles.

It should be modern enough to reasonably engage creativity and innovation, while also providing reliable stability to have a long career in.

I value a company culture of staff retention and development through awarding the responsibility and means to achieve targets. Remuneration is only mildly important to me. I prefer a company with long term plans for its employees, as I intend to stay for a very long tenure at the right company.

Motivation to move (please select): End of contract

Location Preference: I am open to positions both nationally and internationally.

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