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Graduate Engineering Intern (M.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Cum Laude), Ref: 1155515 – Online Interview Questions

Ref: 1155515

Nationality: South African Home & other
Highest Formal Qualification: M.Eng Electrical & Electronic Cum Laude, Awarded highest achieving Master’s degree student and Golden Key member.
Annual Package Range: South African rand - ZAR 251 000 - 350 000, per annum
Total years experience: 1 Years

Graduate Engineering Intern

Current / most recent job title?

Graduate Intern

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

I was part of the maintenance team within the factory. This included installing, testing and when required replacing components.

2. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

Difficult to establish as I have limited work experience.

3. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

I am passionate about renewable energy and/or energy savings/management. Another interest would be to take the previously mentioned a step further and combine automation in order to save on utilities and therefore be less wasteful and in return lower the cost as well.

4. Ideal business title: 

Design Engineer and eventually registering as a professional engineer.

5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

My ideal position would be as a Design Engineer with a mixture of both office and site work. This would preferably also be within a company that focusses on energy/utility management that also implements automation.

6. Skill area of competence:

My final year project (entitled “Energy harvesting wireless doorbell”) consisted of developing a wireless doorbell that rely on energy harvesting techniques to power the transmitter. During the completion of the project the following skills were obtained:
– Hardware: Low level circuit design; Low level PIC programming; Low level wireless communication (rfPIC and wireless modules).
– Software: MultiSim (Low level); MPLabX (Low level); Altium (Intermediate level); Solidworks (Low level).

My post graduate project (entitled “Intelligent controller for improved efficiency of micro wind turbine generators”) consisted of developing a controller that improves the power extraction of a micro wind turbine. During the completion of the project the following skills were obtained:
– Hardware: Low level electrical machine and speed controller connection (i.e. 3 phase and VSD connection with external control); Intermediate level circuit design; Intermediate level Matlab/Simulink programming;
Intermediate level data rework, analysis and representation.
– Software: Matlab/Simulink (Intermediate level); Altium (Intermediate level); MultiSim (Low level); Solidworks (Low level).

Completed a mandatory health and safety course (S.H.E.) in 2011. The purpose of the course was to discuss the importance of safety procedures in a working environment and the dangers of not adhering to procedures. The course required the submission of a report where the skills learned was given and discussed.

7. Career summary:

In 2010 I was an assistant for FIAP 172 (Professional Practice). This is mandatory module for all engineers in the first year of study. This module exposes the students to professional practice required for the workplace as well as teaching them to work in a group.  Responsibilities included having weekly meetings with the students and providing assistance (where required) and grading the students on the ability of working in a group.

In 2014 I was an assistant for EERI 311 (Electrical Systems II). This is a mandatory module for all electrical, electronic and computer engineering students in the third year of study. It focuses on electrical machines and transformers and responsibilities included grading of tests and practical assignments and providing assistance to students struggling with the assignments.

In 2014 I was an assistant for EERI 228 (Measure and Control). This is a mandatory module for all mechanical engineering students during the second year of study. It provides a brief background on the control and measure of electrical equipment. During this module the students are exposed to electrical machines, transformers and PLCs. The responsibilities included grading of tests and practical assignments and providing assistance to students struggling with the assignments.

During 2012 I worked as an Intern at a Baking Ingredients Manufacturing company. This consisted of working under the site engineer and maintaining the electrical and electronic equipment of the factory. The skills obtained during this internship especially focuses on electrical equipment, i.e. motors, 3 phase power, distribution boards etc.

During 2008 I worked as a part time house sitter which consisted of standing in for a real estate agent during an open house and provide a tour of the house to potential buyers.

During 2008 I worked as a part time waiter at a Guest House. This was solely done over weekends when more waiters were required for functions being held at the venue.

8. Achievements: 

Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, an award given to the top 15% achievers in their respective study fields.

Received an award at the Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Awards as the highest achieving master’s degree student within the engineering faculty.

More achievements available on request.

9. What do you absolutely love doing?

I enjoy finding solutions to problems, especially if the solutions makes life easier and more efficient/convenient. This includes both the design and practical implementation of the solution.

10. Ideal company (culture and values):

My ideal company would be a small to medium size company that are open to new ideas and are not stuck with only doing things a certain way, they should be willing to adapt and grow with the industry.


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