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Executive: Operational Excellence, available for exploratory interviews – Ref: 1188400

Ref: 1188400

Nationality: South African
Highest Formal Qualification: N.Dip: Mech Eng,
Other Formal Qualification: Project Mngt, Cert: Mechanical Fitting (Petrochem Plant), MBA, IEDP, APMP, Post Grad Cert: Strategy/ Creativity/Innovation/Change Management
Annual Package Range: South African Rand (ZAR) 2.6 mil - 3,0 mil
Total years experience: 20-30 Years

Head of Business Development

Current / most recent job title?

Divisional Executive: Operational Excellence

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:

Part 1: Operational Excellence
To lead a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts and senior managers ensuring:
1.1. Implementation of a holistic Business System for Operational/Business Excellence
1.2. Contribution to Divisional & Business Unit breakthrough performance as set out in company’s multiyear strategy
1.3. Transformation to Lean-led organisation (multi-year lean transformation journey)
1.4. Effective management of rapid improvement events (9-week change cycles from the value streams) to realize process and financial benefits within the set timeframes
1.5. Develop a culture of systematic problem solving in the support functions and value creating units

Part 2: Business Development
To lead a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts and senior managers to:
2.1. Drive multi-sectoral industrialization through domestic and foreign direct investment
2.2. Secure new investments in priority sectors and regions
2.3. Achieve the planned cumulative investment value
2.4. Diversify the industrial base by increasing capital formation in targeted industrial sectors
2.5. Market-leadership to standard (Continental lead in regional economic development)

2. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:

1. Operational / Business Excellence
1.1. Sales achieved breakthrough levels of target and GP through the identified value streams
1.2. Contribution to group intrinsic value (strategic and delivery value uplift within time and target)
1.3. Establishment of Divisional & Business Unit Business Excellence structures within time and target
1.4. Transformation from Lean-Aware to Lean-Led with Qualified & Capable & Engaged employees
1.5. Operations manage for Daily Improvement is implemented [80% of problems solved where they occur]
1.6. Sales and support functions manage by Value Stream to contribute to group intrinsic value within time and target
1.7. Continuous improvement of service levels and products
1.8. Business Units commercialize developed competencies (innovation and new revenue streams)
1.9. Structured resolution of defects and prevention of recurrence using visual management
1.10. Deployment of technology with a human touch to better manage abnormal situations when they occur

2. Business Development
2.1. Diversified industrial base spanning virtually all major industrial sectors: Automotive (OEM); Automotive (Tier 1 & 2 suppliers); Business Processing & Outsourcing; Food Processing; Warehousing & Distribution; Chemical & Allied industries; Metals & Metallurgical; Energy (Conventional & Renewable)
2.2. High-performing Business Development Unit

3. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:

A Vision-Driven, Goal-Focused Business Development & Operations Executive whose efforts over a 27-year career have generated proven results across industrial sectors, lines of businesses, geographic borders, time zones, and cultures.
Driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to achieving results that exude excellence.
Strong operational leader with repeated success guiding new business development efforts. Recognized widely as one of the foremost practitioners and contributors in respect of business development for regional economic growth.
Extensive experience with market and efficiency seeking investors from developed and developing countries can be applied in a role within a corporation seeking to internationalize.
Have established a reputation as an inspirational mentor and an exemplary professional. Perfection might not be attainable but in its pursuit, excellence cab be achieved. Today’s excellence is the starting point for the next cycle.
As a lifelong student of leadership, my purpose in life is anchored on a combination of success and significance in my contribution to the employer and meaning as well as deep respect for the people I lead, the teams and individuals I work with and through to get the desired results.

4. Ideal business title: 

Group Head: Business Development/Operations

5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:

1. Identifying profitable business opportunities and developing long-term business growth
2. Expanding brand presence
3. Identifying and recommending ways to improve operations
4. Development of a business system for operational excellence (Toyota, General Electric and Danaher Corporation are amongst the best examples)
5. Tactical deployment and sustainment of the business system to support business growth and train/sophisticate employees in pursuit of breakthrough outcomes both transactional and transformational
6. Supplier and customer relationships
7. Strategic planning and implementation
8. Leverage my business development and operations experience to align the business development function and business system to enable:
a. Organizational Vision & Strategy
b. Delivery of value to customers
c. Economics of delivering value to customers on demand
d. Process optimization
e. Talent management
f. Standardization to solve and improve
9. Coach, support and capacitate divisional, business unit and functional area leads in the mechanics of the business system
10. Lead the creation of an organization-wide community of practice
11. Design appropriate delivery options for capacitating the community of practice
12. Establish a maintain an organizational repository for:
a. Knowledge management
b. Content harvesting
c. Conversion of data and content to intellectual property
13. Establish a competency/assessment framework and adapt delivery options accordingly across tiers, divisions and support functions
14. Establish standards for:
a. Process audits
b. Certification and recertification
c. Visual management (to identify abnormalities and manage accordingly)

6. Skill area of competence:

1. New market development (lead generation to conversion to revenue streams)
2. Strategy / Business Transformation
3. Procurement/ Negotiations /Contracts
4. Client Management / Investor Relations
5. Risk Management & Process Improvements
6. Cost Control / Revenue Growth
7. Business Alliances / Partnerships
8. Business/Operational Excellence
9. Team Leadership / Management
10. Effective utilization of internal and bought expertise for market intelligence and due diligence
11. Public Relations and Marketing

7. Career summary:

1. Business Development (Automotive; Logistics; Metals/Metallurgical; Services; Chemical): 16+ years
2. OEM (Passenger & Heavy Vehicle & Manufacturing): Procurement and Export Electrical, Metals/Metallurgical & Polymer products: 5+ years
3. OEM (Light Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing): Mechanical & Trim: 4+ years
4. Petrochemical Plant Maintenance (Fischer-Tropsch process): 2+ years

8. Achievements:

1. Operational/Business Excellence
1.1. Aligned operations with lean principles after the acquisition of a business system based on Six Sigma/Lean. Drove performance enhancements predicted to close a third of the value gap by the end within 24 months of implementation assuming muted economic performance.
1.2. Drove acceleration of Managing by Value Stream and Managing for Daily Improvement initiatives.

2. Business Development
2.1. Drove multi-sectoral industrialization through domestic and foreign direct investment from largely from Western Europe; North America; North East Asia; South East Asia. Presided over all bottom-line factors including business development, operations restructuring, and cost control. Built a high-performing Business Development Unit. Maintained exceptional relationships with strategic partners and key-clients, boosting revenue and achieving all investor attraction targets.
2.2. Credited with a historic investment in the Automotive Sector that became the subject of an international regional economic development best practice case study.
2.3. Secured investments (121% at 80% time elapsed) a 5-year target of 52.
2.4. Investment value achievement (502% at 80% time elapsed).
2.5. Brought in as a consultant for other investment promotion agencies throughout tenure.

3. Procurement & Localization – Automotive
3.1. Industrialization of ductile iron castings (mainly chassis components) for production in South Africa and export to support Freightliner production sites closest to the Eastern seaboard of USA
3.2. Development and qualification of a South African foundry to supply heavy truck brake drums to meet aftermarket requirements
3.3. Achieved 3.67% cost reduction in 1st year and 2.68% in 2nd year. Maintained 2nd year levels in 3rd year despite economic slowdown at the time

4. Component Exports – Automotive
4.1. Project management spanning supplier identification, development to production & logistical trials and thereafter category management according to the procurement; quality and supplier approval framework.
4.2. Industrialization of electrical components for local passenger vehicle model from 1994-2002) and light commercial vehicle production
4.3. Industrialization of after-market components Germany and Turkey ranging from seat-systems, to various categories of automotive glass and electrical components for the a leading European passenger vehicle brand

5. Trim, Chassis & Mechanical – Automotive
5.1. Production process development and optimization in line with production volumes, automation and engineering changes for the Chassis and Mechanical sections of the light commercial vehicle
5.2. Project leader for assembly process trials in North-East Asia for new light commercial vehicle planned for assembly in Africa and Australasia
5.3. Successfully recommissioned of automated wheel & tyre assembly plant which was first in service in Australasia
5.4. Production process development and optimization in line with production volumes, automation and engineering changes for the Chassis and Mechanical sections of light commercial vehicle
5.5. Successfully recommissioned of automated wheel & tyre assembly plant which was first in service in Australasia

9. What do you absolutely love doing?

1. Structured problem-solving working with subject matter experts and ideally a protégé or two around the table. Taking an issue through the A3-9 box process, also enhances one’s ability to work with and through others while providing a space for others to learn and grow
2. Delivery value to customers – internal and external
3. Use of technology to reduce processing times or improve quality or reliability
4. Change for the greater good. For example, by meeting and exceeding targets for exports and capital formation by the private sector, at another level this meant:
a. improved the balance of payments through exports and sourcing some capital goods locally
b. breaking poverty cycles through job creation
c. more individual and corporate taxpayers
5. Giving meaning to people’s work by optimizing processes or job enrichment
6. Finding new ways to work or deliver value to customers.
7. Turning the Reds to Green. Through the information centres and eventually going to where the value is added or problem arose and coaching and supporting others to find a solution

10. Ideal company (culture and values):

1. Values respect and involvement of people
2. Never satisfied with the status quo (if things are going well, the default response should be how much better can we be?
3. Values systematic problem solving
4. Acts on data and facts (not opinions)
5. Values continuous improvement
6. Leadership is supportive (challenge, coach, mentor and empower)
7. Breakthrough follows a break-with (change can require a deep personal transformation)
8. Fail fast culture. If if it safe to fail, creativity and innovation will come from a wider group


If you are looking for a Business Development & Operations Executive with a proven history of innovation and achievement spanning over 27 years in Business Development, Business/Operational Excellence; Export Sales; Procurement and Mechanical Engineering – both in the Private and Public Sector – with broad sectoral experience as well as analytical and structured problem-solving abilities, then do get in touch. 

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