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Consultant (Speciality Chemicals / Explosives) Ref: 1151937

Ref: 1151937

Nationality: South African
Annual Package Range: South African rand - ZAR 751 000 - 850 000, per annum
Total years experience: 10 Years


Current / most recent job title? Consultant

1. Primary purpose of current/most recent position:
Assist in all permits and licenses needed as per regulations, national & international laws.
Assist with drafting contracts, tenders and leases process. (Procurement)
Meet with authorities and protocol for assistance in new developments and investments on behalf of investors, contractors and subcontractors.
Assist in environmental and viability studies.
Adviser on blasting designs, initiation systems, timing, accessories and blasting materials (package explosives and bulk explosives) that suit the client’s needs.
Advice on fragmentation, air blast control, vibrations and other safety concerns.
Advice on prices and saving methods for national and international explosives markets.
Designs and advice on new national and international magazines.
Assist with import & export, transport, storage, permits and licenses.
Assist and advise on mining & blasting permits and licenses, and renewals.
Assist and advise on KPIs; Capex; Opex; budgets; taxes and VAT – national and international.
Setup of new plants from fase 1 to commissioning fase and singing off process with all audits.
Training of employees in safety, manufacturing, charging, timing, connecting and blast designs.
All above according to national & international standards, legislation, regulations and laws.

2. Core elements or functions that must operate effectively in order to achieve primary purpose:
Safety never negotiable, and no money is worth taking a life. I prefer fast decision making over dragging feet. The longer the job (task) takes the higher the risk gets. Work efficient and smart the first time and you will already save time and lives, that will eventually pay you back. I always used this to motivate safety: what is safe and has no risk? Take the life out or remove the person. That’s safe! But when there is life or a person there is a risk. So people have to work smart and fast to achieve a safer environment. But where people are dragging their feet, safety is at risk and more things can go wrong.
My primary goal is always to make people aware of hazards and unnecessary risk. Because risk and hazards will waist your time, and money. You are never too old to learn something new, the ones who learn something new every day are improving their safety and standards to become more efficient and successful. In Africa if you take time to get a permit or license it will cost you double the price, penalties and opportunities for the Authorities being created to make money out of you. So do what needs to be done very fast and learn from experience. Don’t pay double by not following advice and assistance.

3. Description of self, along with greater purpose and passions:
I’m always a team player taking the lead, and I enjoy it. Always involved with community projects to help and assist the locals. I have a passion to help and assist others, and never regret it. I’m normally organizing something new, a workshop or team building. I believe that is why I’m so successful in life. From the Proto team to the barbecue I always lead. I can communicate with all walks of life and people respect me like I do them. My respect for a hose man or President is the same respect, both are human in different levels of understanding, that’s it.

4. Ideal business title: 
The title is not so important than the role I will play in the team. I’m used to take the lead and that is normal for me. A team player and builder achieve much more than a title can give. I live and work by example, combine with all my experience and expertises I already achieved gave me the edge to achieve my next goal. I take full responsibility for all my dissuasions and actions, to make a company grow and share beter profits.

5. Key responsibilities and accountabilities of ideal position:
To accomplish all the targets and deadlines in time, without compromise the standards. For me safety first and to improve all risks that may a cure to a lower level of risk. I believe with correct skills training combined with risk assessments & job analysis, my goals can been achieved in a working inviorment. Zero tolerance.

6. Skill area of competence:
DRC Country Manager & Country Operations Manager 5 years experience
As Country Manager I was involved in negotiations for the import, export, transport, manufacturing, storage, trade licenses & permits with authorities and protocols. Negotiated and underwrote contracts. Safety & regulations updates and audits. Environmental and viability study. Complying & designing of magazines on national and international tandards. All risk assessments & job safety analysis (JSA).
As Country Operations Manager I was responsible for strategic planning, done all KPIs noted, audits and authorization of it. Budgets reports Capex & Opex and many more.

Ghana: Operations Project Manager for Uphole Blasting Underground mining at Chirano Mine West Africa. This was the first time in African soil (Gold Ore body) that my employer achieved two rings of holes detonated by electronic detonators with excellent results. Still ongoing. Various company representatives were involved in building, testing and demonstrating this manufacturing unit and special double salted emulsion.

I’ve been trained, tested and found competent by this company for the manufacture of a variety of water gel and emulsion products (cartridge explosives) and bulk explosives, as well as Anfo Danfo (Ammonium Nitrate prills). I was part of the international team manufacturing the first double salted emulsion product, I was found competent to manufacture and to train other employees in the manufacture of Rioflex and Rioflex Imatla and Additive. I was appointed as Technical Assistant for all testing and investigations for underground & surface blasting operations in all mining environments (gold, platinum, chrome, diamonds and coal mining). I worked hand-in-hand with SA Mining Inspector and Chief Inspector SA Explosives SAPS. I’m still being used by the Chief Inspector Explosives SA and all Explosives manufacture for investigations as ombudsman for incidents and accidents that occur.

7. Career summary:
+10 years’ manufacturing of explosives for underground & surface blasting
+10 years’ gold platinum chrome diamond copper and coal mining underground & surface mining.
+10 years’ experience in heavy equipment manufacturing and mining
+10 years’ blasting designs for underground & surface blasting
+10 years’ underground up-hole blasting underground gold ore body.
+10 years’ expat experience West Africa, Sub Sahara, Central Africa, Southern Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe. A good knowledge of all customs for these countries.

8. Achievements: Available on request.

9. What do you absolutely love doing?
To share my experience and expertise with people. To start a business from scratch and build it up to a profit sharing business. To make it a more safer less risky business with greater potential & profits for any investors dream come true. Identify, Risk, JSA, Audit, Production.

10. Ideal company (culture and values):
A company that invests in its workers. That sees its workers as an asset to the company.

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