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Enshrine Yourself: Tips and Guidelines for Successful Interviews

Preparing for interviews is something you can do even while waiting for opportunities to present themselves.  In fact, doing the right background preparation in advance can go a long way to fostering the right frame of mind for when you do have an interview lined up.

First impressions have an enormous impact when meeting a prospective employer, so feeling confident and on top of your game will ensure that you present yourself in the most favourable light possible.

Enshrine has put together

Creating Jobs Through Honey Production

For you, for me, for nature, for humanity:this is our business credo at Enshrine, and it is our heartfelt desire to bring these words to life and contribute in meaningful ways to really making a difference.In order to transform words into acts that foster sustainability, economic development and gainful employ for the people of Africa, we have embraced playing the role of broker for initiatives we feel have both their hearts and minds in the right place.

Our agreement with clients is that we pass

Escape to a higher order

A glimpse of an empowered Africa through the eyes of Enshrine’s Caryn Darley
“Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny – he has something to fulfil, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed.  You are not here accidentally – you are here meaningfully.  There is a purpose behind you.  The whole intends to do something through you.” (OSHO – Creativity: Unleashing the forces within: 103)

During times of transition there are those

How we do business is what really counts

Thermaspray isn’t just about coatings, it’s about substance

It may well be that the key to creating social change and correcting imbalances in the distribution of health, wealth and prosperity for all, is less a matter of changing what we do, but changing how we do it.  Instead of thinking we need to change the way we do business all at once – which can tend to overwhelm us – it is often a matter of changing one small thing at a time, and so doing what we can; incrementally.  The Read more...

March Monthly Job Assignments

Things have been busy which is always good, and there has been a fair amount of activity in Enshrine, bolstered by our expanding network of partners in SA and abroad.

Evidence of this activity can be found in our latest Available Opportunities Portfolio which is available here and includes opportunities from our 3 active partners in Cape Town and one in Dubai (an exciting recent addition to our network!).  We do hope that you will derive benefit from this increased scope of potential.

By

Lurgi South Africa contributes to Open Africa

Lurgi South Africa contributes to Open Africa as beneficiary for funds resulting from Enshrine Placements’ Socio-Economic Development Strategy.

Open Africa knows that one of the greatest needs amongst emerging businesses in South Africa at the moment is job creation, capacity building and connecting to a market to ensure their success and long term sustainability. One of the greatest needs in South Africa is emerging enterprises as high unemployment figures and job creation take centre stage. Read more...

Making Wavicles: Mandela’s Gift to Humanity

The 18th of July is Nelson Mandela’s birthday, which inevitably reminds of us his gift of the ‘Rainbow Nation’ – and at this time many of us may find ourselves subject to thinking negatively about it, because nearly 20 years down the line South Africa is still struggling to make sense of itself.  Have faith, Mandela’s ‘rainbow nation’ is an extremely complex social construct and it is one that really points to the evolution of consciousness on a global scale.  Let us keep the faith Read more...

CV tips to make you shine

Your CV is a bit like a herald you send on ahead to spread the word, a signal you transmit to inform others about what value you have to offer.  It has to make a comprehensive case for you in your absence, it has to be cogent and cut to the quick because you are not there in person to validate or justify anything it contains.  Your CV must speak for you, on your behalf, by speaking for itself; in other words it must be a legitimate ambassador and avid promoter of your merit and worth.

In all

ENEX – Recruitment Without Borders

Early this year I met with Ian Irvin, Honorary Life President of ENEX Executive Search, while he was in South Africa from the UK to visit his daughter in Hout Bay.  We spent a number of inspiring hours together in the coffee lounge of The Protea Hotel President in Bantry bay, during which time Ian sold me on the idea of ENEX and their vision into the future.  Warm and approachable, with a giving nature, Ian shared his journey in executive search in the UK with me, and painted a dynamic picture Read more...

Open Africa

Enterprise Investment partners

One of the Enterprise Investment partners we currently support is Open Africa, an inspirational and award-winning social enterprise founded under the patronage of late state president, Nelson Mandela.

Open Africa envisions a different world where authentic and unexpected experiences for travellers translate into opportunity for rural people.

Open Africa meets the need for job creation, small business development and rural development in rural areas across Southern Read more...