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We would like to share information about two initiatives that could help you or someone you know in the challenging environment we are presently navigating. Please utilise these to support you or please share with the people in your network who could benefit.



The impact of COVID-19 on small business will be devastating unless we rally together to support each other. Support comes in Read more...

Happy Holidays and best wishes for “twenty-twenties”.

Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness.
May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming new year, decade and era.

The year 2020 is very important because it marks the beginning of a new era.







Happy Holidays and best wishes for "twenty-twenties".

The Enshrine Team

Our offices will be closed from 12 PM on Thursday, 19th December 2019 and will re-open
on Monday, 6th January

Black Friday Special – 50% OFF Recruitment Fees for 6 Months.

Are recruitment fees too high?
If yes, register now and take advantage of our Black Friday Special - 50% OFF Recruitment Fees for 6 Months.

This is a “Massive Saving” to your annual budget.
Five Benefits of Enshrine Placements Job Briefing Interview’s, if done well!
1. Improve the accuracy of your recruitment decisions.
2. Generate a project timetable and recruitment plan.
3. Produce Job Adverts that will attract both passive and active candidates.
4. Help build your brand as an employer

ENEX Global Conference 2019 – Montreal/ Canada

On the 30th and the 31st of May, ENEX had its annual global conference. This year’s destination? Montreal! Our Canadian partner “Groom & Associates” gave the ENEX partners a warm Canadian kick-start welcome on Wednesday evening.  With people flying in from Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, India, … a good night’s rest was welcome, to prepare themselves for 2 busy days.

As always, the conference agenda was a mix of operational matters, innovation topics, ENEX strategy and Read more...

Build a high performing company culture through motivational science.

Build a high performing company culture

Sign up for our Enshrine Learning Academy Complimentary March Webinar.

Topic: Build a high performing company culture through motivational science.
Great cultures fuel total motivation, and total motivation fuels performance. This webinar delves into the factors impacting culture.

Enshrine Learning Academy is a collaboration of highly skilled Executive Coaching Specialists who are designing a year of game-changing
webinars aimed at your personal,

Guided Meditation in the Workplace to reduce stress

Improve Employee Productivity by Reducing Workplace Stress
Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA) recently discovered that for every three employees that don’t show up to work, only one is physically ill. The other two cite overwhelming workplace pressures as the main reason for avoiding work, and, with technology and engineering ranking as the seventh most demanding industry, companies have started addressing ways to help employees manage their stress.

Fortunately, whether it’s using guided

Predict Employee Performance with Pre-Hiring Online Assessments

Predict Employee Performance

What defines psychometric testing? It is a stable measure of reliably predicting how people will respond in a given situation, given the sum total of their traits, cognitive abilities, affective mindsets and behavioral patterns. With respect to the workplace, pre-hiring online assessments offer the employer a chance to engage in fair selection with significant cost savings in recruitment. Valid, reliable assessments provide a means of selecting candidates based on Read more...

Assess Your Employee Before Hiring, How to

How to Assess Your Employee Before Hiring

Finding the best fit for a job can make a huge difference to the success of a workplace by the boost that employees provide towards work productivity. Measuring the personality of an employee in an interview has its limitations. The Mettl Personality Inventory, a unique employee personality test, helps to overcome these restrictions. In-depth analytics, sound predictive capacity, and objective evaluation ensures that your organization does not fall prey Read more...

Guide to apprenticeships in Construction

Herewith some useful information for anyone interested in a career in the Construction Industry.
From National Careers Service Adviser Tom Laws

You can view the guide here:

The guide contains an easy to read and share infographic on apprenticeships in the construction sector as well answers to frequently asked questions.

A

Mining Graduates: Kick start your Career in 2016

Mining Graduates

Mining Graduates Kick Start your Engineering Career

Enshrine Placements specialises in Engineering and Technical recruitment in Africa.
Register with Enshrine Placements by completing an online interview questionnaire with us in preparation of your own unique Value Proposition to Industry.
For specialised candidates we provide a marketing opportunity in which a brief confidential synopsis of your skill set will be made available on our website and for use in our marketing Read more...