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Oil & Refinery, Chemicals, Mining, Civil and Science Consulting, Renewables, Utilities (water and energy), Agricultural, Manufacturing, Plastics, Packaging, Automotive, FMCG, Supply Chain & Transport Management (including freight forwarding and logistics), Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM), Contracting, Construction and Project Management, Research and Development, Management Consulting Companies, Sales Distribution and Aftermarket.

The online interview questionnaire that our candidates complete provides information about our candidates’ key motivations, including their reasons for moving, their remuneration and their desired position. This information can be useful when it comes to retaining talent (it reveals trends in the mindset of our leading talent and provides the opportunity for cross-industry comparisons in terms of salaries, KPAs and the type of work culture and conditions candidates are actively seeking).

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Thank you for your email. I am delighted to learn about the additional service for showcasing my value proposition on the Enshrine website and in marketing campaigns to industry leaders worldwide. I am certainly interested in this opportunity and grant permission to feature my value proposition in your talent pool catalogue.

I have revisited my profile and confirmed my consent under the Talent Pool Catalogue section as instructed. I believe this initiative will further open up avenues for exciting career opportunities, and I am eager to see how it contributes to my professional journey.

If there are any additional details needed or if you require further information, please feel free to reach out. I am happy to share more information at any time.

Thank you for your continued support and the valuable services Enshrine provides.

Warm regards,

Bilaal – 20 November 2023

Hi Deedre

Dankie vir die telefoon oproep gister. Ek heg die document aan soos wat jy versoek het. As daar iets kort laat weet my.

Dankie vir jou hulp


Herman – 01 March 2024

Good morning Monique

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. It is not often that recruitment personal gives you this kind of feedback. They only give you feedback when the company they are recruiting for has showed interest in you as a candidate. So thank you for your kind words.

Warm regards

Zuko – 23 March 2023